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Rosalie Turmel

Rosalie is a 13-year old actress.  She was born July 26, 2007 in Ontario, Canada. She started acting at the age of nine.  She has done a lot of voice overs, commercials and short films.  Her first project was a commercial for Hamster (crayon friction).  She also did the voice of Moon in The Ollie And Moon Show for season 2!  She is also playing a recurring role in a a bilingual series The Game Savers/Les Gardiens Des Jeux.

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2021 Best Performance in a Voice-Acting Role: Youth Actress - Nominated

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Academy Newsletter Interview - February 2022

Actress Rosalie Turmel has harnessed the power of perseverance. The 14-year old from Ottawa, Ontario talks about the importance of demonstrating respect in the Entertainment Business, and shares about the bolder choices she’s started making in the new year.

I'm a very perseverant person. For nine years, I was a competitive gymnast that trained many hours a week. To be able to get new skills or fix mistakes, I had to be very perseverant and never give up and that trait stuck with me and I use it with pretty much everything I do, especially acting. Also, I really enjoy reading! It's a way for me to escape from the real world and get lost in a new one and I love that feeling! I have a huge reading list and am constantly trying to finish it. I really enjoy writing, too. Whether that's a random short story, poetry or even a script, writing allows me to let my creativity out when I'm not acting!

I adore being able to be a whole new person when I'm doing scenes and understand how other people may view the world. I love the feeling of completely being in my own head while acting and forgetting that I'm actually not the character I'm playing. I also love meeting new people all the time and getting to know my cast members.

For Ruthie was a short film where I play a young girl named Ruthie, and Ollie and Moon is an animated show in which I voiced Moon. For Ruthie was basically my first project and I learnt so much from being on this set. It was also a very well written short film that has a very good meaning. Ollie and Moon was my first time doing an original voice for an animated show and it truly opened my eyes as to how amazing and fun voice acting is.

I always try to remember what my first acting coach told me, which is that there will be more losses than wins in this industry. Also, I remind myself that it doesn't mean that you are a bad actor if you don't get a role, it probably just means that you weren't what they were looking for.

This year, I have started working on making bolder choices while acting and in other aspects of life. I often feel too embarrassed to go full out in a scene or add something that I think will work and I believe that if I can start getting more confident and making those choices, I could become a better actress and person.

Networking Tip
Always make a good impression. Not only for auditions but going on set as well because even if you have signed the contract, if you're always showing up late or not treating others with respect, you probably won't be hired by that production again. It's so important to gain the respect of the people around you on set and it's great when you do that because you get to make more friends!

Business Advice
Don’t get too attached to an audition because after you step out of the audition room, it's not in your hands anymore. If you put in as much effort as possible, you should be proud that you were even able to accomplish that. Every audition is an accomplishment.

Look for Rosalie in Game Savers/Les Gardiens des Jeux slated for release this spring!

Follow Rosalie on IG @rosalie__turmel

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