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Houston Jax Towe

Houston is an incredibly smart young actor who can play a variety of roles.  He has great comedic timing and can handle serious and dramatic roles.  He has been featured in three feature films and appeared in two music videos for Badflower and Conor Maynard.  These videos have received millions of views.  He also worked on four children music videos for an upcoming project created by Ludacris. 
In January 2020 booked a 12 episode recurring guest star role as a young Andrew "Pope" Cody on Season 5 of TNT's Animal Kingdom.

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Academy Newsletter Interview - March 2022

Academy Member Houston Jax Towe from Mesa, Arizona finds great joy working in Entertainment. The 10-year old actor talks about what he loves from performing, making new friends from productions, and offers great business advice.

When I'm not working I do things any other kid would do like playing games and doing school. I find it pretty easy to stay grounded. I am a fun normal kid who loves video games, riding my bike, swimming and making new friends. 

[Working in Entertainment] I love meeting new friends and getting to be a whole new character. Craft services is also a favorite!
I like watching other actors perform and seeing how they take on a character and scene. I love reading and that helps me become more visual. I also like to play strategy games like IQ Pro. That's also a fun game to play for set school.  

I have been learning how to 'become' the character instead of just 'acting like' the character. My first feature film was an independent film called Goblin that was on Amazon Prime. In January of 2020 I was in 12 episodes of Season 5 of TNT's Animal Kingdom playing young Andrew "Pope" Cody. In November of 2021 I was in an episode of Season 2 of iCarly which has not aired yet.   

Networking Tip:
Just be nice and friendly to everyone on set and get to know as many people as you can. I have met and am friends with many people from many different areas of production.

Business Advice: 
Audition and move on and 'be' the part, don't 'act' the part.  

Watch for Houston in an upcoming TV show!

Follow Houston on IG @houston_towe

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