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Ava Torres

Ava Torres is an Award-Winning Actress represented by 11:11 Entertainment in California and Page Parkes Corp. in Texas.  Ava can be seen playing the lead role in the feature film, Guardians of Time, for Lionsgate/Ace Entertainment, and she has a strong supporting role in the thriller/horror feature film, The Host App, starring alongside Matt Passmore and Danielle Harris.  Ava is also known for her lead roles in the Award-Winning short film Hard to Place as well as lead roles in various other short films such as Radley, The Third Bedroom, and The Rickety Man to name a few.  Ava also has numerous commercial campaigns, internet ads, and print work on her resume.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actress - Nominated

Nova Star Awards
2021 Short Film/Lead Actress - Winner 

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Academy Newsletter Interview - May 2022

10-year old Actress Ava Torres from Richmond, Texas has nearly a dozen new projects coming out! She shares how she stays humble, and a special one-word quality that helps her find success working in Entertainment.

Many people ask if I am homeschooled but I'm actually not, I go to public school and it is my last year in elementary before I got into middle school and have a great time there. I am a Dog Mom to the cutest puppy ever. She's so little. Petunia is her name and she is very hyper but she also can be very lazy. She sleeps with me every night...and she takes up the entire bed even though my bed is a full size. I really love to draw and I think I'm getting pretty good at it. 

I have been on Ordinary Joe on NBC and Hulu as well as My Sweet Holiday on Lifetime. Oh and I also have another Lifetime movie premiering on May 13th called A Baby At Any Cost. And The Rickety Man has done super well at all the film festivals and that can be seen on YouTube. 

I love to read and draw so I get my creativity up from books, my best friends, my imagination, and drawing. I love to draw anime or manga. My sister and I have some pretty fun homemade movies that we made together that we came up with the story, script, did the filming, make-up, edited and starred in! It just kind of comes to me so I grab it. 

I really love everything [about Entertainment] and I know that is like not the best answer but it is really true. When I was in the theater watching how my friends and family watched me in Hard to Place (which is a drama) some were crying so I knew that I was making them feel something and when I saw the reaction of people who watched The Rickety Man and how they were scared of me I was like, yup...I did my job! Hahahaha! And the Director for Match Me If You Can said my scenes got a lot of laughs at the Director Screener they had for the movie. What I'm trying to say is I guess I just like to either make you laugh, cry, feel scared, emotional... all the emotions is what I'm after I guess. 

My mom and I have had some really good talks about just letting a role go after I've gone so far with a character, like having callback after callback to producer sessions, to being put on hold or pinned and then...released from the role. That was a big thing for me. And to know that God has other plans. So just knowing that I did not book that role I was pinned for - was not meant to be. God will make sure what is meant for you will be for you. So no sad days!

I stay humble and appreciative of all of my blessings. My mom taught me the word "humble" at a very young age...I think I was around seven. I just love people so much and I have a sensitive heart...sometimes too sensitive but I use that in a good way and I love cheering my fellow acting buddies on!

Business Advice: I was on a Zoom call with a Director and we were talking about the character and he said to me "what do you feel or think about this character that you're portraying". And I said that I felt sorry for her and I want goodness and happiness for her and he told me, "do you know what that means?" and I said, "no sir" and he said "EMPATHY! You have empathy for this character and that is a huge thing to have with any character you portray." And he was SO RIGHT! I stopped and looked back at all the characters I had played and I did have empathy for all of them. So kids, the word of the day, the month, the year is EMPATHY!!

Networking Tip: Be super excited about not only booking something, but show your skills and your training and your other talents. Spread the love and be kind and be happy.

Look for Ava in A Baby At Any Cost premiering this month on the 13th on Lifetime. Also see Ava in multiple shorts and feature films; including Guardians of Time, Wonder London, Match Me If You Can, Moonrise and The Host App!

Follow Ava on IG @ava_liz_torres and on Linktree @AvaTorres

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