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Gracie Silva

Bright, quick, and willing to take risks; Gracie Silva constantly explores opportunities to grow as an artist.  As a young actress, her favorite roles include the underdog, the character willing to stand for equality and strength, a vulnerable role exposing fear, danger, and intensity.  Gracie trains professionally with film and tv coaches, and is versatile in many genres including comedy, drama, and high concept, etc., to name a few.  She enjoys learning about WWII, traveling, learning to play tennis, and painting.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2022 Outstanding Writer - Nominated
2022 Short Film Role: Teen Actress - Nominated
2021 Voice Acting Role: Youth Actress - Nominated   Press Interview
2021 Streaming Series Role: Teen Actress - Winner

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Academy Newsletter Interview - November 2021

Young Artist Academy™ Award Nominee Gracie Silva has been working in Entertainment since she was nine. The 15-year old actress from New Orleans, Louisiana prepares to co-direct her newest project, she shares a tremendous secret to viewing feedback as “a gift”.

I love to write. The thing that makes me the happiest is sharing stories, whether it be through my acting or through a story that I’ve written. What I like most about working in Entertainment is how supportive the artists I work alongside are. On set, I quickly form strong relationships with my co stars. Although it may be some time before I see them again once we’ve wrapped, I am always rooting for them and I know that they are rooting for me too!

A noteworthy project that I’ve participated in this year is my first TV movie titled DOA at the PTA. It's a thriller and my character Serena is a total baddie! I had the most amazing time working with such a talented cast and crew.

A helpful set skill I’ve come to learn is taking direction and feedback well. It's easy to look at feedback as an insult, but it's better to look at it as a gift! People will always give feedback on your work whether you are in the entertainment industry or not and viewing it as something positive will lead you to be a better person to work with! I don’t like to dwell on my losses, instead I like to remind myself of my wins no matter how small they may seem. Getting good feedback from one of my coaches or feeling proud of a tape I submitted can always lift my mood. It's the little things that keep me going.

Business Advice:
Create [your] own content. When bookings are slow and I’m feeling a little down, I channel my creativity and write my own stories that I can act in!

Look for Gracie in one of her own short films called The Trouble with the Pink Shoes she is co-directing this fall!

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IG at @graciesilvaofficial

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