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Sarah Bazler

Sarah Bazler is an award-winning young actress with over half her life devoted to the craft.  Sarah began her Hollywood acting career at age 5 and immediately booked her first national commercial.  From there Sarah's young, budding career took off, starring in numerous film, TV and new media roles over the past 6 years. Deemed a "standout" and a "natural,"  Sarah's acting instincts and emotional maturity are particularly impressive in character roles ranging from adorable to snob to bully to psychotic to deaf to dying.  Sarah is a quick study and adapts easily. She has been playing piano and guitar since age 5, and also enjoys camping, hiking, bike riding, swimming, and spending time with her cats.  Sarah resides in Los Angeles, California, and she loves sharing the screen with her three older sisters Brianna, Isabella, and Carissa.

2021 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
TV Series: Guest Starring Young Actress - Nominee

2020 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best New Media Performance: Young Artist - Nominee

2018 KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival Award
Best Ensemble Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Winner

2017 Young Artist Academy
Best New Media Performance: Young Actress - Nominee

2019 Young Entertainer Awards
Best Young Actress 9 & Under - Nominee
Best Young Actress 10 & Under: Web Performance - Nominee

2018 Young Entertainer Award
Best Young Actress 9 & Under: Short Film - Nominee

2017 Young Entertainer Award
Best Young Actress 14 & Under: Web Performance - Nominee

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Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2020

Known as the “one take wonder”, 12-year old Sarah Bazler also likes music and singing with her sisters.
Read what the Los Angeles actress does to spark new ideas and connect with her characters.
Most people probably don't know that I have sung backup for my sister Isabella's band Moulin Bleu, which can be heard on many music sites like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.  I also love rescuing cats and have 6 rescued cats of my own!
I love singing and playing the guitar and the piano along with my sisters. I also love drawing and painting. I enjoy anything outdoors, from bike riding and hiking and camping to just sitting on the sand and listening to the ocean waves.
I think what makes a performance memorable depends on how much the performer is connected with the character. It really makes a difference because you can tell if an actor is really taking on that role or not on the screen. When you give it all you've got, it shows!
Three noteworthy projects that come to mind in my career so far are Exhale, Jamie, and Lazer Town.  I was only 6-years old when I auditioned and filmed for the role of Dawn Anderson in the movie Exhale, which was based on a true story.  It was such an emotional, heart wrenching story because my character was dying, so playing that character exposed me to bringing out those emotions, and making it as believable as possible.  Exhale was also the job where I earned the nickname "one take wonder", which I've been told has followed me through the years!  I got to play the younger version of Priscilla Barnes in the thriller Jamie, alongside Sprague Grayden.  This is a career highlight for me because I worked with a couple amazing seasoned actors. Another career highlight for me was the movie Lazer Town, because of the super kind cast and crew I worked with and because it has won many awards including Best Ensemble Cast.
Working in entertainment is really fun and exciting because with acting, every job is totally different.  So there's always new experiences to discover and new characters to play!
Look for Sarah on the Oxygen Network in Buried in the Backyard, and in a feature film to resume after quarantine

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