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Tristan Riggs

At the mere age of twelve, Tristan Riggs is already "one to watch" on television and the big screen.  Born in St. Louis and raised in Austin, Texas, the young actor has been showcasing his natural talent since the age of seven.  His fearlessness athleticism allows him to tackle his own stunts which he loves.  Tristan's latest lead role in the independent horror film, The Seventh Day, continues his streak of starring in projects in the genre.  He has also held several principal roles in national commercials, music videos, and print-modeling.   He has an older sister, Charlotte Delaney Riggs, who is also an actor. 

Tristan enjoys volunteering at a local farm, tending to chickens, longhorns, and donkeys.  A natural-born leader, Tristan rose to the rank of First Class Scout in Scouts BSA in less than a year while also serving in various leadership roles.  He is well-traveled thanks to his adventurous parents, having visited Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, England and his favorite city, Prague.  Above all, Tristan is curious to try new things and is fearless.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a Music Video Role: Youth Artist - Nominated
2021 Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Young Actor - Nominated

Austin Revolution Film Festival
2019 Best Youth Actor - Nominated

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Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2021

Young Artist Academy™ Award Nominee Tristan Riggs is a 12-year old actor from Austin, Texas. The rising star and scout shares what he loves about working in Entertainment and about doing his own stunts in feature films.

I’m a normal kid and I have fun outside of acting by skateboarding and being active in Scouts that I joined about a year ago. I am now a Star Scout and I have only two more ranks until I become an Eagle Scout.
The Seventh Day is one of my noteworthy projects because it was in theaters and came out on Netflix. It was also really fun to do my own stunts and work with bigger starring actors. I like doing my own stunts and seeing how they are done behind the scenes. I like traveling to other places too. Also, I really like just chilling on set and talking and meeting new people. I just think of myself as a normal kid. I just like to hang out with my friends and live a normal life.
Business Advice: ”Don’t try to be who others want you to be. Just be yourself.” This was from an actor that has been acting for over 30 years.
Networking Tip: I meet other people in acting classes or on set or table reads. I think that has been helpful. Meeting people that can introduce you to other connections can lead to roles too.

Watch for Tristan in Old Man Jackson, slated for release December 2021!

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - October 2021

Scout Tristan Riggs always gives his best. The 12-year old Actor and Producer from Austin, Texas is nominated for a Young Artist Academy™ Award, and shares about his favorite projects and where he does great networking.

I am just a kid, I have hobbies and a life outside of acting. I love skateboarding. Whenever I visit a new city, I like to bring my skateboard along and check out new skate parks. Some of my favorite skate parks in Los Angeles include Venice Beach, The Courtyard and Stoner Skate Park.

Being on set is the best part of working in this industry. On set you get to act and meet people and experience things that not many people get to experience. You can find me most recently on The Seventh Day on Netflix. It was one of the top 10 movies on Netflix this summer. This was great because it was my first time starring in a project that was released on Netflix. My first big feature film was Blood Fest which I played the young version of the main character. I got to work with Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time) and Tate Donovan (Hercules) played my dad. I also got to meet other people such as Jacob Batalon (Spiderman Homecoming).

To be honest, there are so many auditions and I am so used to being turned down it doesn't bother me anymore. When I can, I try and focus on other things and move on after I audition. I am a Scout and I always try to live by the scout law in acting and outside of acting by always doing my best. Also, never give up. Sometimes you have to do the scene over and over again but I try and not get discouraged as eventually it all works out.

Business Advice: Be yourself, don't jeopardize your integrity for a role.

Networking Tip: Being on set is the best way to network, talk to people when you are on set. Acting class can also be a good way to meeting new people in the industry.

Catch Tristan in TV series Ashes showing at the FlickFair Film Festival, in Monster premiering at the Austin After Dark Film Festival, and in Safe and Sound at Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival.

Follow Tristan on IG: @tristanriggsofficial, TikTok @tristan_riggs, Facebook @TristanRiggsOfficial and @Tristan.Riggs.52

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