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Mateo Ray was born in Walnut Creek, CA and is a nine-year old kid. He is a recent 2021 and 2022 Young Artist Academy Award-nominated actor for his performances on the TV Series, 9-1-1, Mayans M.C., Netflix's Magic for Humans series, the PBS short film, The Daily War, the award-winning film, The Divisible, and the online streaming film, The Purple Night.
As a 4-year-old toddler, he was noticed for his ethnic ambiguous features and began modeling his magnetic charisma, infectious energy, unique signature mop of golden curls, and his hazel eyes and sun kissed complexion.
Very quickly Mateo Ray earned roles in numerous television, film and commercial productions. Additional credits include: FX/Hulu's Dave, NBA MLK Day TV commercial, the lead role in See You at Sunrise short film, and a few live stand-up comedy gigs.
In addition to building an impressive resume before age 9, Mateo Ray is on a personal mission to make friends on every set he works on, by consistently exuding charm and joy, paired with a shiny personality, mature work ethic and an affinity for telling a few good jokes. His family recently moved closer to Hollywood where he can more easily pursue his promising acting, modeling, and YouTuber (as Doughnut Daily subscriber) gamer career.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2022 Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actor - Nominated
2022 Best Performance in a Streaming Film: Young Actor - Nominated
2022 Best Performance in a TV Series: Guess Starring Young Artist - Nominated
2022 Best Performance in a Voice Acting Role: Youth Actor - Nominated
2021 Best Performance in a Streaming Series: Young Actor - Nominated
2021 Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actor - Nominated

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Mateo Ray

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Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2021

Kid Actor & 3rd Grade Student Mateo Ray started performing when he was 4-years old, and now is nominated for a Young Artist Academy™ Award. The 8 1/2-year old from Clayton and Orcutt, California shares about his favorite projects, and what he loves about working in Entertainment.

I play soccer, baseball, piano, tap dance, sing, and do karate classes. I love swimming in the pool, my family, my dogs, chickens, and my rabbit, and my vegetable garden. I like having fun with friends and being on set acting!  
I love making new friends and friendships with people I work with in the industry! I loved The Divisible film, because it was a fun movie to act in with lots of cool people. I also loved 40:The Temptation of Christ movie because I got to play Young Jesus, and Magic for Humans because Justin Willman did some really neat magic tricks on set. I keep grounded with continued work and acting jobs. And practicing my acting too. 
Networking Tip: Just be nice, be yourself, and have lots of fun doing your job!
Business Advice: Did you know sunrises are new beginnings?

Watch for Mateo in See You at Sunrise, currently in production, and in the short film Faster Slower!

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