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Maya Jai Pinson

Maya Jai Pinson is an actress/producer, published children’s book author, honor student and motivational speaker who gives back to her community and have over a dozen acting credits to her career.

Not only did Maya write her first film I’m Ready, cast, produced, and starred in, she’s won 3 awards for Best Actress, Best Short Film and a Poster Cover award and it’s been selected into 9 Film Festivals.

Maya finds time to speak to children and adults alike about the importance of balancing work and play. Among press coverage, Maya Jai has been featured in The Washington Informer, on the front page of The Baltimore Times, LV Magazine Kids, Sista's Keeper Magazine, throughout The Dream Teen & His Favor Teen magazines, and in The Washington Post as one of the “20 Under 20” Most Inspiring Teens.

Her second children’s book titled Magic the Green Pillow is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2022 Outstanding Director - Nominated
2022 Best Performance in a Streaming Film Role: Teen Actress - Nominated
2021 Outstanding Writer - Winner
2021 Outstanding Producer - Nominated
2021 Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Teen Actress - Nominated   Press Interview

Venice Short Film Festival
2020 Best Actress - Nominated

LV Magazine Kids
2020 Best Actress
2020 Best Short Film "I'm Ready"

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
2020 Festival Choice Award 

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Gospel Service 
2019 Keeper of the Community Award

Inspiring Teens Awards
2018 Performer of the Year & Performer ICON

Girls World Expo 
2018 Girl of Merit

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Actress, Writer, Producer, Speaker & Author Maya Jai Pinson keeps incredibly busy! We catch up with the 16-year old from Washington, DC on why she loves creating art and doing her part to make a better world.

I am very creative, hardworking, and a humble teen that wants to make the world a better place. I try to do this by incorporating positive messages in all of my projects and speaking engagements. I love being able to bring characters to life and knowing that people enjoy my art. I love writing films, producing and performing in them. It’s exciting to portray as someone else and making the story believable. For me, the best part about working in the entertainment industry is hearing the words “you booked the role”.

I just wrapped up an exhilarating docudrama shot on a green screen which will be aired globally on ETWN this November 2021. I can’t wait until everyone sees it. Over the past 8 months, I wrote, casted and produced two short films I’m Ready and The Description. I’ve also filmed in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Dads Do It Too (TV Pilot), Indigo Child, and I play the role of Tiffany Johnson in the Legitimately Mallie Podcast TV series.

Networking Tip: Some helpful tips I've been advised to do were to always come prepared, network, and never give up. Knowing that you’re on time and prepared is a good feeling. Networking is important because making new friends and connections can help you in the future. It would be best if you never gave up because nothing in life will ever be handed to you; you must work for whatever you desire. Life might not go the way you want it to go, but everything happens for a reason. As long as you persevere and keep trying, you will eventually achieve what you worked for.

Inspiration from Award Season: Even though I’m super excited with just filming and looking forward to seeing the finished product, knowing that there’s a chance that I can possibly win an award for my performance motivates me more to do my very best. I never work for the award, but the recognition and media coverage is an added bonus.  

Business Advice: Sacrifices are crucial to achieving success. Without making sacrifices, you'll find yourself getting what you want and not what you need. If you don't learn to make sacrifices, you won't progress towards reaching your dreams.

Look for Maya in Old School Rollers, in Patricia’s Independence web series, and the film Nolan 

Follow Maya Jai on IG @mayajai04, on Facebook at MJai Pinson, and her Official Site

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