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Phierce Phoenix

Performing since the age of seven and modeling at age six, Phierce Phoenix then turned to entertaining through acting. Based in New York, her ultimate career goals are to be a star in movies, on TV and Broadway. Phierce’s interests include soccer, cooking, dancing, makeup/hair, travel, content creating as well as humanitarian activities.

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Academy Newsletter Interview - January 2022

Since she was nine, Phierce Phoenix loved to entertain! Based in New York, the 12-year old actress, singer, voiceover artist, comedian, dancer, and model was cast in five major projects in 2021, and shares how she overcomes challenges and finds the advantage! 

Other than acting, I am an A+ student, All-Star soccer player, Leadership Committee member and I love to make a difference in the world by doing humanitarian work. I am very caring and enjoy helping and inspiring others. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing soccer, riding my bike, cooking, dancing, watching TikTok and YouTube, experimenting with makeup/hairstyling, making comedy and creative content videos, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and I also recently discovered my love for knitting and I am basically addicted!

I get to spend pretty much every day doing what I love! I enjoy it all - from performing on the Tina Broadway stage eight times a week, to doing auditions, to filming and recording, creating original content, and meeting and working with so many amazing and talented people.

In 2021 alone, I was cast in five major projects! Currently I am working on Tina: The Tina Turner Musical on Broadway where I made my Broadway debut in October 2021 and play the role of Young Alline. This Broadway experience is and will continue to be one of my most memorable experiences! In May 2020, I had a supporting role in the season finale of Celebrity Ghost Stories playing the role of “Taye Diggs’ Sister” on A&E TV, which was my first supporting role and first television role on a major network.

This year, with its socially distanced parts of the industry, has been a roller coaster. Having to create a voiceover and self-tape at-home studio for auditions was hard. However, there have been several advantages to this new aspect of the industry. For example, not having to travel for every audition, being able to build my social media, and having the convenience of doing auditions in the comfort of my home! So, although the pandemic has changed some things, I am still so happy to be able to do what I love!

2022 Career Goal
As an actress, and a person in general, there is always room for improvement. My goals include being the Lead on a television show for a major network. I believe that improving my singing and dancing skills will help me reach that goal and many more. Therefore, singing and dancing are skills I would like to strengthen in 2022!

Networking Tip
It is very important to build connections! My mom has helped me to build several relationships with casting directors, actors, agents, managers, and so many other people in the industry through an app called Clubhouse. There I participated in, and won, the “Best of Clubhouse Actors” kid’s acting competition for April 2021. I was also a panelist on the Young Artist Academy Clubhouse Earth Day: Rising Stars Discussion. I have also made lots of connections through my social media accounts, especially Instagram.

Business Advice
Don’t get too attached to an audition. It is very important to DO MY BEST. Casting may have been looking for a certain eye color, height, hair color… you never know! If I get the role, that’s great! If I don’t, keep going and do my best at the next audition. Always remember to be my uniquely talented self and not compare myself to others. HAVE FUN!

Look for Phierce on ABC Mouse, Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, a comedy show through NBC Universal and Peacock Kids, on Broadway with Tina: The Tina Turner Musical and podcast episodes!

Follow Phierce on IG, YouTube and TikTok at @phiercephoenix and at

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