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Joshua Packard

Joshua J. Packard is a Young Artist Academy award-winning actor. He was born in Brooklyn, NY in Dec. 2005.

Joshua made his acting debut on stage in his 4th grade production of The Lion King Jr. A few months later he was asked by an art class to be on a segment for PIX11 News

called "It's a G Thing".Once he saw himself on camera, he knew he wanted to focus on the film and TV side of the business.

Josh has worked on many short and indie films and can be seen in the role of Young Gary in the newly released "The Truth About Santa Claus" on Amazon Prime (2020) and as Jason, a series regular on the web series "Facts of Life" on YouTube (2018)

In 2019, Joshua was nominated for a Young Entertainer Award and a Young Artist Academy Award for his role in "A Thursday Drive" which can also be seen on YouTube,

he went on to win the Young Artist Academy Award for best teen actor in a short film.

When Josh isn't on set, he loves to play video games with his friends, watch movies and go on walks with his two rescue dogs.

2021 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance in a Streaming Film Role: Teen Actor - Nominated   
Press Interview

2019 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Short Film: Teen Actor - Winner

2019 Young Entertainer Awards
Young Entertainer Award Best Young Actor 11-12 - Nominated

2018 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance in a Short Film - Young Actor - Nominated

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Academy Newsletter Interview - September 2019

Thirteen-year old Joshua Packard of Brooklyn, New York has been working in entertainment for four years. See what made the Award Winner want to start acting.

I am only child so when I was younger, movies kept me company and I watched them over and over and I would rewind my favorite scenes.  I took my little DVD player with me everywhere with my stack of movies.  I think that is what made me want to be an actor. I love meeting new people and learning from each character I get to play and each director I get to work with. 
My very first big movie project was doing background in The Greatest Showman. The director ended up picking me from all the kids for a specific scene to sit next to Michelle Williams.  It was an honor and very exciting to just be on that incredible set and watch Hugh Jackman at work right in front of me.  Most recently I was cast as young Peter in the last episode of season 5 of Madam Secretary.  It is always so cool to see myself on TV or a movie.  I think my favorite was when I was part of a skit on SNL and we had people from across the country calling or texting to ask if they had really seen me on TV.  That was definitely a highlight!
In my first short film I was supposed to be a background actor, a kid in a classroom.  I had only taken acting classes up to this point, hadn’t been in any movies so I was using this to get on set experience.  The lead actor dropped out at the last minute and the director interviewed me to see if I could take over the role and I did!  That was very unexpected and I learned a lot from that first project.  I was nominated for that movie at the Young Artist Academy Awards last year!
Audition Tip: Prepare as best you can and go in the room and give it your best shot.  When you walk out, forget all about it. Sometimes you have a great audition and other times you know it went really badly but you gave it your best shot and it's done.  You have to focus on the next one.  Always hope for the best of course.
On Disappointments: If you let them get you down, it would be hard to keep going.  I was warned by my parents a long time ago that ‘there would be more No’s than Yes’es’, but if you give up you won’t make it to the Yes.  All it takes is one Yes to get your big break.  I am still waiting for that one but I am enjoying the process until that time comes and learning as much as I can until then.
I am going on a lot of auditions and I am thankful for each audition opportunity.  I am about to start high school at a specialized school for the arts and I was cast in their spring production of “A Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night” for which I am very much looking forward to starting rehearsals!

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