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Cassidy Nugent

Cassidy Nugent was born in Vancouver, BC.  She made her first appearance in commercials just before her first birthday and continued in a handful of national commercials over her early years. She booked a role in the CBS series Zoo followed by Lifetime's I am Elizabeth Smart biographic crime drama.

She is most known for Hallmark Channel's Love Struck Cafe and When Calls the Heart; The Greatest Christmas Blessing, receiving recognition for both movies winning Canadian Youth Acting awards.  This was followed by a recurring role on the SyFy series Van Helsing as Tabby.

She spends her time playing sports and loves soccer, skiing, horseback riding, wake boarding, volleyball, basketball and her dog.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a TV Movie Role: Young Actress - Nominated
2019 Best Ensemble Performance in a TV Movie or Special - Nominated

The Joey Awards, Vancouver
2020 Best Actress in a Series Regular or Recurring Television Role 9-10 years - Winner
2019 Best Principal or Guest Star Actress in a Television Drama Age 7-10 - Winner
2019 Best Principal or Guest Star Actress in a Television Drama Age 7-10 - Winner
2018 Best Actress In A Principal or Supporting Role In MOW/Video Feature 9-18 Years - Winner

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Academy Newsletter Interview - September 2021

Young Artist Academy™ Award Nominee Cassidy Nugent from North Vancouver finds strength in adaptability. A natural performer, the 13-year old actress shares how she creates an authentic performance, and how she’s learned to trust her instincts.

[I love] meeting new people and having new experiences or new locations. Also, playing different characters is fun. Once I find an interesting characteristic about the character I'm playing, I research it and try to see it as a new perspective that also applies to me. Authenticity is the key. Try your best to make it part of you.

Key projects for me were Van Helsing - it was a chance to do some darker material, and the SFX were awesome! I got to be a vampire! Chasing Waterfalls - it was my first lead role in a TV movie and I had a stunt double to repel down a cliff face. Sweet Carolina - It was an opportunity to show a range of emotions as the script was full of emotional scenes. And I got to play basketball, one of my favourite sports!

[A major set life skill is] adaptability. Things change very quickly and you need to be able to change with it. Also, patience. You are always told to be somewhere at a certain time, but it doesn't always work out that way. Just go with the flow. Last, treat everyone with kindness and respect. It takes a lot of people to make a movie/show, and each person has an important role, whether you are behind the camera or in front of it. 

Network Tip: Each audition is a learning experience and a chance to be seen. Just because you don't book, doesn't mean they didn't like how you did. 

Business Advice: Trust your instincts, be yourself and if you have any ideas for your character or about lines, don't be scared or shy about speaking up about it. 

Follow Cassidy on Instagram @cassidyrosenugent and Twitter @CassidyRose08

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