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Liam Quiring-Nkindi

Liam is an outgoing, charismatic youth with big dreams. When not on set, he
participates in swimming, basketball, and skiing. Liam is also an avid reader, and enjoys
movies - his favorite actors being Will Smith, Keegan-Michael Key, and The Rock.

Liam started his career on stage doing musical theatre at the young age of three years
old with StageCoach Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario. At the age of six, Liam’s
family moved to Ottawa, Ontario where he transitioned to TV & film with Angie’s Model
and Talent Inc. He is currently represented by Hines Management Inc.

Liam can be seen in the musical comedy Schmigadoon! on Apple TV in his role as
Carson Tate. You can also see Liam in a guest appearance in the upcoming season 3
of Holly Hobbie on Hulu (episode 8 in his role as Sam).

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Liam Quiring-Nkindi

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Academy Newsletter Interview - October 2021

Nine-year old actor Liam Quiring-Nkindi has already been learning from great performers. The actor from Ottawa, Ontario shares helpful life skills he learned from set life.

I love basketball and movies. My favourite movies are Marvel movies, especially the latest Shang-chi. My favourite basketball player is Kobe Bryant because he never gave up and motivates me to do the same.

[In Entertainment, I love] getting the chance to meet new people, travel to new places, make new memories and experiences, and lastly putting a smile on people's faces! I played Carson Tate [in] Schimgadoon! for Apple TV+. This was my first big booking and what stood out for me was meeting the famous actors on set. Seeing them do so good in their roles motivated me to work hard at playing my character, who had a lisp. I couldn't pronounce "s" as Carson. 

When I don't book a role, I tell myself that there is something better to come. Maybe that role that I really wanted wasn't right for me so I work harder on the next audition. Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to forget about a job I didn't get. 

Set Life Tips
1. Bring something to read or play because some days you wait a long time in the green room. I like to bring comic books and my tablet.
2. Remembering the names of people who work on set is helpful to make friends; for example if you are addressing someone and you forget their name it is rude. You can practice this by saying their name out loud after they introduce themselves to you like "nice to meet you, Larry" instead of just saying "nice to meet you".

Watch Liam sing and play basketball in an upcoming commercial in Montreal QC.

Follow Liam on Instagram @liamquiringnkindi

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