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Mia Bella

Mia Bella is an actress known for her work in Gabby Duran & The Unsittables, Child's Play, Lost in Space and Legends of Tomorrow.

Mia has been involved in musical theatre, piano, singing and dance since the age of four.  She has been involved in taekwondo since the age of three and has recently earned her black belt.  She attends French immersion school in British Columbia, Canada.

Her first job was a commercial in which she played a bearded elf.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a TV Series Recurring Young Actress - Nominated

The Joey Awards
2020 Best Actress in a Series Regular or Recurring Television Role 11 years
2020 Best Ensemble in a Webseries or Television Series

Academy Activity

41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2021

Young Artist Academy™ Award Nominee Mia Bella Shewchuk is an actress, singer, student and martial artist who loves performing! The 12 1/2-year old from Vancouver, British Columbia gives great networking advice for working in Entertainment and shares who she looks to in order to stay grounded.

There are some things that I feel very strongly about, such as women’s rights. I’m also active in supporting anti-bullying campaigns. As far as the arts go, I’m also a singer, dancer and martial artist. I just love performing, whether it’s acting, dancing or singing. I also have loved meeting so many amazing people! My parents and my friends keep me well grounded.
My most recent noteworthy role would be as Kali in Gabby Duran and the Unsittables. It’s my first recurring role and I’ve learned so much on set working with the talented cast and crew. Not to mention how much fun I’ve had during filming! 
Networking Tip: Be open to talking with everyone around you, whether on set or in audition rooms or at performances. You never know what kind of connections you will make until you are open to engaging with others. My dad is really good at that and I’m learning lots about networking from him. 
Business Advice: My parents and my agent really take care of the business side of things. But as far as advice I’ve received, the thing my parents always tell me is to set small goals to achieve on the way to a bigger goal, to work hard and to keep an open mind.

Look for Mia in upcoming music projects and in song mashups on Instagram Reels!

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