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Robert Levey II

Robert Levey II is an American actor and musician.  Robert was born on September 26, 2008 in New York, the last of three children of parents Robert and Denise Levey.  He started his career in the entertainment industry when he was cast at the age of five in a music video and opportunities have just grown since then.  He has played lead and supporting roles.  Robert dedicates countless hours at home and in New York City honing his crafts.  He studies under various coaches for acting, guitar, piano and vocal lessons.  His latest projects include playing the lead role of Corey in an episode of Evil Lives Here and the lead in a national commercial for Nerf.  He is quite outgoing, mature and very professional.

Robert's skills and interests go way beyond acting and music.  In his free time Robert enjoys playing sports, particularly lacrosse and basketball, with friends.  He also is an avid water-lover and will spend countless hours boating, surfing and jet skiing with his family.

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Academy Newsletter Interview - March 2022

Actor, Singer, Musician Robert Levey II from New York State has been working in Entertainment since he was four. The 13-year old shares business advice and where he goes to stimulate his creativity.

I am funny and athletic, I like older music (60s-80s), and my goal is to do more charity work. I love meeting new people with the same interest as me. I love every aspect of entertaining people and making them smile. 

The most noteworthy project I’ve done would be my 1st professional performance singing live at NYFW for Rookie USA, also having a small supporting role in the film 1Up, out in theaters this spring. I worked with an awesome team and had the best set mom ever, Ruby Rose.

[I’ve] 100% been strengthening my music. I'm improving my performance, whether it's vocally or instrumentally. Creatively, I like to be in calm areas. For example, in the summer when I am on the water and hanging out on my boat. I do lots of my thinking and planning ahead there. 

Networking Tip:
Always be respectful on sets, have a good work ethic, a little humor doesn't hurt either! When people like working with you, I find that they will recommend you for other jobs or use you again, which has happened.

Business Advice: 
Don't give up on your dreams because if you work hard enough anything is possible.

Look for Robert’s performance in an April charity event, and for more recordings and music videos!

Follow Robert on IG @Robert_Levey, YouTube @RobertLeveyII, Tik Tok @robert_levey and Twitter @RobertLeveyII

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