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Kei is Canadian born and American raised and now makes his home in Los Angeles. Getting his start at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, he played 'Turkey Boy', 'K. Cratchit' and 'Old Joe’s Assistant', in A Christmas Carol before portraying the lead role of 'C.J.' in the World Premiere of Last Stop on Market Street at Chicago Children’s Theatre.

Currently recurring as ‘Kyle’, on the hit Disney Channel show Just Roll With It; his first episodic TV gig was ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, in which he played ‘Bazooka Phil’ in the Hal-Lou-Ween episode. He then spoke his desire to be in a movie into existence and was cast as 'Rollo', the best friend of Timmy in the Disney+ movie, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.

Commercially, he’s done spots for Sprint, Rainsoft, T. Rowe Price, Kids React
and a P.S.A. for the Chicago Soda Tax campaign. During the Covid lockdown, Kei decided to put the skills he’s learned in his Cinema Arts program at school to good use by writing, directing and starring in his own web series entitled, Covid Chronicles: Life on the Inside, for IGTV.

In his spare time Kei loves to tinkle the keys on piano, play water polo and also finds time for Karate, in which he has attained the level of purple belt.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a TV Series: Recurring Young Actor - Winner   Video Interview
2021 Best Performance in a Streaming Film Role: Young Actor - Nominated   Press Interview
2021 Outstanding Writer - Nominated
2021 Outstanding Director - Nominated

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Academy Newsletter Interview - September 2021

Actor & Influencer Kei Rawlins holds noble goals with his platform as an entertainer. The 13-year old Young Artist Academy™ Award Nominee from Los Angeles shares his tips for strategizing his career, and making a strong first impression.

I love acting and gaming and would like to become a Social Media Influencer.I love these almost as much as I love my family. I would also like to use whatever influence I have to make the world a better place starting with equal rights for EVERYONE and the environment.

 started doing commercials and voiceovers for Sprint, Rainsoft, T. Rowe Price, Comcast, etc. Then I booked A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre, Chicago. I went on to do the World Premiere of Last Stop on Market Street at the Chicago Children’s Theatre. Then I landed a gig on Disney+ as Rollo Tookus in Timmy Failure: Mistakes were Made, and am now recurring as Kyle in Just Roll with It on the Disney Channel.

[Working in Entertainment] I like that I get to meet new people and have fun! I am still in touch with most of my cast-mates from Timmy Failure: Mistakes were Made to this day! You have to come with a positive attitude. Even if you are in a really horrible mood, a positive attitude will shine through you and into the crew. I watch people who I want to be like, find out how they got so popular, take their strategy and modify it slightly. I am currently in the process of executing my strategy and this interview is one part of a big puzzle!
Network Tip: Just approaching them honestly and remembering that
they are people too.

Business Advice: Do not be boring. If you are meeting with a director or are even just auditioning do not give general answers like, “I’m Good.” Giving detailed and funny answers will separate you from the rest of your peers, increasing your chances of being cast.

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