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Neli Kastrinos

Neli Kastrinos is a Canadian model and actor, with experience in live-TV, commercial, print, and film production.  She has trained with LeBlanc School of Acting (Vancouver, BC), Cynthia Bain's Young Actors Studio (Studio City, CA), and VoiceSpot (Calgary, AB). 
Neli’s first audition and booking was for The Unforgivable as young Katie, working with Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock when she was six years old. Following her role in this streaming Netflix feature film, Neli played young Lottie in the TV series hit Yellowjackets. Neli also participates in local modeling, theatre and commercial work opportunities in her home town. She loves to give back to her community by engaging in clean community projects, and spends most of her free time drawing.
Her hobbies include skiing, swimming and horseback riding.  Although Neli was born in Canada, her ancestors are from Iraq, Czech Republic, and Greece.

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2022 Best Performance in a Streaming Film: Young Actress - Nominated

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Actress Neli Kastrinos from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada shares a rich cultural background and a passion for film. The 7-year old already has an eye for spotting talent and explains how she draws inspiration from her favorite movies.

I have a really big imagination! I love to draw, and I am in love with horses – they are so magical! I love the movie Titanic and I watch it every weekend! My favorite scene in the movie is when the Titanic sinks, because I always wonder how the people working behind the scenes were able to make it look so real! Oh, and I am Canadian; but my grandparents are from Iraq, Czech Republic and Greece! 

Last year, when I was 6 years old, I worked with some amazing people in the Untitled Nora Fingscheidt/Sandra Bullock film. This film will be released on Netflix this year (2021). This was a career highlight for me because of the amazing people I worked with, including an Oscar award winning actor! I learned so much about making a film!

I get to use my imagination and meet new people! I am especially good at meeting new people, because I really like people.

Networking Tip: Always do what the Director says, and have fun! You can really make someone smile with a hug!

Inspiration from Award Season: I know how hard an actor works, and I understand that when an actor puts everything into their work, their heart is happy; and when I see them being nominated or getting an award, it makes me feel happy for them. It motivates me to want to continue making my heart happy.

Look for Neil in a soon to be announced project!

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