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Islie Hirvonen

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Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a TV Movie Role: Teen Actress - Nominated
2020 Best Performance Youth Artist - Voice Acting - Nominated
2020 Best Performance Recurring Young Artist - TV Series - Nominated

The Joey Awards
2017 Best Ensemble in a TV Movie - Nominated

Young Entertainer Awards
2020 Best Recurring Young Actress - Television Series - Nominated
2020 Best Young Actress 12 & Under - Voice Over Role - Winner

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards 
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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Academy Newsletter Interview - November 2020

Islie Hirvonen is a kid first - then an actress. In addition to performing, the 13-year old from Vancouver, British Columbia loves to ski and dance.  Read why the Young Artist Academy™ Award nominee loves the Entertainment Industry, and her trick for a good acting performance.

I am just a regular kid who love to dance and ski, and I am very lucky to be able to act.  Working in entertainment is a lot of fun, and you can meet so many amazing people and become different characters that aren't like yourself.  There are so many different kinds of experiences that you wouldn't get if you were not in the Entertainment industry.
I was in Season 5 of The Flash as the younger version of the season villain, Grace Gibbons. In Deadpool 2, I played Cable's daughter Hope Summers.  For The Flash, I was in the entire season and it was just a really great experience.  The cast and crew were super nice to me and we had a great time.  For Deadpool 2, it was really cool to work on a super big show where they kept the script in a safe.  The character of Hope Summers is actually very important but unfortunately they only touched on her briefly in Deadpool 2.
Since the pandemic, my teachers usually put my school work online so it's not that bad if I miss a day here and there.  With dance, my studio director is very supportive of my acting career.  This year, most of my classes are later in the evening and so I haven't had to miss very many.  Despite the pandemic, I have connected with other actors through social media.  I have done an online awards show, I have another coming up early November and of course the Young Artist Academy™ Awards this month (can't wait!).
Acting Tip: My mom sometimes says "Acting is like reacting." Most of the time you are acting with another person, and you can just react off of their lines.
Look for Islie in a Christmas movie called Christmas with the Darlings November 8th on the Hallmark Channel

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