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Gabriel L. Silva started acting in school plays in his hometown of Houston, TX. He began acting and modeling classes at the Page Parkes Center for Acting and Modeling and continues to mature in his skill and craft. Gabriel has shared the big screen with Hollywood A-listers such as Ben Affleck and Zoe Saldana in Live By Night. He also got the opportunity to fly high in an exhilarating escape from Rodan alongside Elizabeth Ludlow, Anthony Ramos, and O'Shea Jackson in the 2019 box office hit, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Aside from acting, Gabriel models for Atlanta clothing brand, FadeLife Clothing. Most recently, he has started a podcast, Just Talk With Gabe, that is available on most platforms, in addition to having been streamed in six different countries. He has taken on the challenge of becoming a budding entrepreneur, taking action against the social injustices of bullying with Action Magazine

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2021 Outstanding Podcast Host - Winner

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Academy Newsletter Interview - December 2021

Actor, model, podcaster and budding director Gabriel Silva has just won his first Young Artist Academy™ Award. The 16-year old from Houston, Texas shares how patience and perseverance bring him success.

I am just a regular kid who has a passion for acting, video games, and Pepperoni pizza. I think the win and the awards process has benefited me with my brand development for not just my podcast, but overall, new publicity opportunities, and the entire experience has given me more confidence in diversifying my talents and finding my place in the industry. 

I love getting the opportunity to step into someone else's shoes and bring their story to life. That is the best part about being an actor. My first role in the industry was when I portrayed Ben Affleck & Zoe Saldana's son in Live By Night. My next biggest project was in Godzilla: King of The Monsters as the Isla de la Mara Grandson. These are career highlights for me because I got to star alongside some of my favorite actors and in Godzilla: King of The Monsters, I got the opportunity to do my own stunts. (That was awesome!)

I think the most important set life skill/behavior that I have learned over the years is patience. There are major down times on set. You have to learn how to be patient and just wait until you are needed. In real life, patience is always something that is good to have. There's no trick to it, just practice!

Acting is a business. In business, you must have the right elements to make your business a success. I may not be the right fit for a project even if I want to be. I may not be tall enough, or be the right visual fit, or need straight hair instead of curly. I know that all I can do is when I get an audition, to give it my best and leave it there. Casting may not pick me this time, I do not take it personally, because I know that there's always a next time. Knowing that, helps me not to be too disappointed, if at all.  

Business Advice: Always be humble, always be professional, diversify your talents, and invest in your future both financially and professionally.

Watch for Gabriel in his very first commercial, and in another season of Behind The Mic. Also catch Season 4 of his award-winning podcast Just Talk With Gabe

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