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Elle Gabriel

Elle has been performing on stage since the age of three and started modeling at age six.  She caught the acting bug early on as she was selected as lead in a film in LA at the age of seven and has been performing in tv/film and commercials as well as musical theater since.  She loves to sing and writes her own music as well as maintains a YouTube channel where she makes fun teen videos.  Music is a big part of her life singing non stop with piano and guitar lessons.  She has landed a few re-enactment roles where she got to dress up in the 70s and 80s which she loved and hopes to do more television and film going forward.

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Academy Newsletter Interview - October 2020

In Tampa, Florida, 15-year old Elle Gabriel keeps busy as an actress, singer, model, musician, and influencer. Read how she juggles a creative profession and managing multiple jobs.

I like so many creative areas it's hard to decide which to focus on sometimes. I love music, singing, acting and art so in my spare time, I'm sometimes doing all of them at once. The Entertainment Industry is fun!  I'm a very creative person so like that it's a totally creative thing.  I decide who this person is going to be and act like or get to sing songs and dance.  It's just a natural thing I think. Don't we all act at times?  
Truth is Stranger than Florida was the most noteworthy project I’ve been in.  I played a lead with many lines and it was an international show. Many of my friends, teachers and family saw it.
People look up to celebrities even though they are just other people.  I think by example is probably the best [way to impact positively].  Make smart choices knowing others are looking to you.
On School: It can be tough. I go to a prep school with a lot of homework so it's hard sometimes to fit in auditions although taping makes it much easier. I just try to prioritize as much as possible day to day.
On Disappointments: It's hard in this industry as you have to handle a lot of rejection, but once you realize, everyone is in the same boat, it's ok.  I just keep trying my best at auditions and can only get better for that next role.
Networking Tip: Instagram has helped a bunch. Casting agents have found me for gigs I would of never known about.  Classes have connected me as well to other similar teens and of course some of the industry professionals
Business Advice: Start now earning passive income and it will only grow.  I started uploading my art to Redbubble years ago and nothing happened for a couple years till one fall i was in 7th grade and a couple of my stickers sold across the world so I started making a monthly salary selling stickers and was able to buy my own iPhone among other things. I got very excited how a simple thing like that could earn me income. Now I'm working with a few brands as an affiliate and model mainly on Instagram. I figure the more avenues, the better and since the virus, acting roles got scarce so thought other areas might be good to try.

Look for Elle in her school musical Matilda and working with some new brands!

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