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Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a Commercial Role: Young Actress - Nominated
2021 Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Young Actress - Nominated
2020 Best Performance in a Streaming Series: Young Artist - Winner
2020 Best Performance Supporting Young Actress - TV Series - Nominated

Joey Awards 
2020 Best Actress in a Short Film - Winner

Skyline Performer Awards
2020 Best Performance in a TV Series/TV Drama - Nominated

The Joey Awards 
2020 Best Actress in a Short Film 5-9 Years - Winner

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards 
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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Ines Feghouli

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2022

Young Artist Academy™ Award Winner Ines Feghouli likes to listen. The 12-year old actress from Montreal, Canada talks about how she hones her talents, stays professional, and offers great advice for shooting scenes.

I don't really like to talk about myself. I guess that's a thing about me, I prefer to listen. Acting was the first thing I really came to love. And then I discovered a lot of other great things, like meeting new people, learning new things for a role (I love that!), visiting new places. I love everything! Actually the only thing I ‘don't’ really like is to watch myself.

I [like to] watch movies - very different movies to learn many different things. I read acting books, I take some acting classes, but actually I think I learn a lot just from real life. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn something! 

A thing I love to do is observing people and imagining a story about them.

During pandemic, I realized how much I love going to audition in person to meet the casting director and get direction. And how I love to hug my friends after filming, all those things you think are normal until you can’t do them anymore.

Recently I’ve taken several advanced classes. I learned some technical aspects to do selftapes (lights, sound, background...). I learned how to imagine a whole story for our character. And I kept practicing acting but also the piano (I already got a role where I needed to play), and karate (I'm now a black belt and would love to film something where these skills are needed.)

Networking Tip: I'm too shy to contact people and sell myself, I just always stay professional, positive and kind. People talk and then want to work with me, I'm very grateful for that.

Business Advice: My parents keep saying to have fun but always stay humble, kind and professional. I've learned by experience to be patient. Recently an actress gave me a very good one: ‘Always play a take like it was the first. Don't try to do the exact same thing even if the director told you it was perfect because you'll lose the natural trying to copy another take.’ 

Watch for Ines reading an audiobook in French, in a short movie in French, and in a feature film recently selected for several festivals!

Follow Ines on IG @ines_feghouli, on FB @Ines.Lena.Feghouli and on her website page

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - August 2019

Nine-year old Ines Feghouli has been working in Entertainment for eight years, but she defines her profession as a “Happy Kid”.
See how the Montreal-native nails auditions, and protects herself from dangers on the Internet.

I love karate and music.  I play piano at my school every morning for music skills only, and academic things are on the afternoon.  I do karate 3 times every week, even during vacations.  It teaches me to always do my best, make good choices, and to be patient. I also love traveling, skiing and just having fun with my friends and my family. 
I love to play different characters.  I love to pretend, and I especially love it when it's challenging -- like crying or to learn another language. (I already speak English and French.  One time I had to learn Farsi and it was so cool). I love to go everywhere, discover new places and meet new people.  Everything is great.  I hope I will be an actress when I grow up so that I can do all the professions through acting.
I watch a lot of different movies, horror, drama, comedy and ask many questions to actors and coaches.  I also love to try several different things as sports or arts to discover new things.  Each project contributed to my experience.  I'm still at the beginning and learn something new each time.
If I could go back in time and change something, I would have been more courageous when a director asked me to jump from the 10-feet diving board when I was seven.
Networking Tip: Always be professional, patient and smiley.  If you like what you do, just be yourself.
Audition Advice: Most of all have fun and try to imagine what your character will do and become the character.
On Disappointments: It's hard, I can't lie, but I've learned to accept and look forward for other projects.
Cyber-bullying Protection: I'm not allowed to go on the Internet without my parents. The best thing to do is to always speak when we have a problem, there is always someone to help you.
Watch for Ines in her French TV Series in Quebec, and her English Series in Toronto. She will also be found in Delphine, premiering at the upcoming Venice Film Festival, and in Recrue at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

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