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Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2022

 Actor Estian Reiner Cheah ​in Singapore has a long dossier. The 7-year old performer, actor, singer, dancer, host, model, influencer & ambassador has been working in Entertainment since he was two. He talks about his favorite past projects, and what’s on the horizon to come!

I want to share my passion in performing arts with the people around me. I hope people will know me as an all-rounder performer who act, sing, dance, host, etc. You need to have a passion to continue the performing journey as it is not an easy journey to juggle performing arts and academics. Besides attending school, I will spend all my time filming and practicing. It's only with interest and determination that you will keep going and see the achievements.

I started working in Entertainment at a very young age. I learn how to be expressive, vocal, creative, etc. Working in the entertainment industry enables me to meet a lot of people from different facets of life. They really take good care of me and I learn a lot from them. I gain confidence and become more independent along the way. 

I have been performing and acting since I was 2-years old. It all started with an advertisement and the year-end concert in my preschool. When I was younger, I tended to get roles to act as my older brother's (Estovan) younger brother or his younger version. Now, I act in main roles which are more challenging. Besides acting, I perform in events where I sing and dance. Before Covid-19, I would travel around to perform and attend performing workshops. My parents even started a performing school for me so that I can practice in the dance studio with my favourite coaches, my brother and my friends.

Some of the main highlights since I started my performing arts journey include performing in National Day Parade, main child actor in drama serials and movies, main child host and performer in national and corporate events, main child lead in advertisements of leading brands locally and internationally.  

One of the noteworthy projects I am very proud of and enjoy is performing in Singapore National Day Parade in 2020. I am the youngest performer in the national event which is live and on national television.

Another noteworthy project was a movie Reunion Dinner that I acted in as the main child lead. In the movie, I had to act in different emotional scenes where I had to cry in the movie. The role really hones my emotional skills in my acting career. I am very glad that I have opportunities from different types of projects which enable me to learn and grow in my performing arts journey.

I just recently completed my ABRSM Grade 3 Musical Theatre and Classical Singing with Merit and Distinction. I was awarded the Gold Award Best National Performer Category and Best Performance of Charles Villiers Stanford’s Vocal Work in the Best Classical Musicians Awards.

I am inspired by my brother since I was very young. My brother started performing and acting since he was 3-years old. He will share with me his experiences and encourage me in my performing journey. Acting and performing with my older brother allows me to gain confidence and further grow my passion in performing arts. Besides my brother, I was very fortunate to have very supportive parents. They will always let me choose the projects that I take up. They will run through the projects with me, provide advice on the commitments that are expected from me and leave the decision to me if I want to take up the project. This is very helpful to me as I will only take up projects which I am interested in. I have the advantage to put myself in the story even before I take up the project.

I was very privileged to be involved in some projects where I can contribute ideas and my opinion. Along the way, I talked to different people in the industry and learnt a lot from them. All these sparked my creativity in performing arts. Besides performing and acting, I am starting to compose my own songs, under the guidance of my brother. I hope I can be more involved in production of shows when there are opportunities.

I am more involved in acting and performing this year when the Covid-19 regulations are relaxed. I take up more challenging roles and met directors who provided me with a lot of guidance. I learnt how to act out emotional scenes well and develop my roles with character. Besides acting, I spent more time in singing and dancing. I learnt more singing and dancing techniques. I am able to hold the stage well and perform different songs and dance on different platforms.

Since I started working in Entertainment when I was very young, I receive a lot of care and encouragement from people I work with. When I am on stage, I receive cheers and applauses from the audiences. Support from family, teachers and friends. All these keep me grounded while working in Entertainment. More importantly, I love acting, singing and dancing, which is the main reason.

Networking Tip: Be respectful, willing to take advice and keen to learn.

Business Advice: Be humble and take achievements as learning steps to achieving more. No matter how small the project, there is always something to learn. 

Watch for Estian in a new drama serial, two national competitions this year, and performing in upcoming showcases!

Follow Estian on IG @estianreiner  

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