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Brayden Eaton

Brayden Eaton is a young American actor best known for his roles in the films, Dinosaur Cove and Pulled From Darkness. Brayden can also be seen Traveler and Miracle On Christmas.

Brayden also boasts talents as a skateboarder, beat boxer, guitar player, horseback rider, and fencer.

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Academy Newsletter Interview - April 2022

Actor Brayden Eaton from Fenton, Michigan talks about his exciting new projects coming out. The 15-year old Academy Member talks about his commitment to his characters, and how he finds inspiration from watching other performers. 

I am just a regular person doing what I love to do. I hope I am the kind of person you would like to hang out and have fun with. 

This year I have two feature films that are coming out, Dinosaur Cove and Pulled From Darkness. Dinosaur Cove is a family fun adventure where my character, Riley, who’s mom just died, discovers a dinosaur created from a lab, and they bond with each other. Riley is determined to protect the dinosaur’s eggs from the evil scientists that created the dinosaur. This film has a lot of adventure, comedy and fun. 

I also star in Pulled From Darkness, a true story of a Ukrainian family torn apart from abduction. The mom is forced into the slave trade and lives in a dark dungeon for 3 years, while the 3 kids are lost and hiding somewhere in Armenia. 

I like to watch other actors I admire doing their thing. I love to see how they bring their characters to life, what little nuances they put in their performances, and also find out what inspires them too. That encourages me to bring a newness to what I use for my acting. I also love to play my guitar and come up with creative riffs and songs. This gives me a mental break from acting but still allows me to use my imagination in a different way. 

I love being able to do so many different characters. Since I was five, I always liked to imagine being many different things like a doctor, astronaut, super hero, and stuff like that. Now I get to BE those people, but in a much deeper sense, by taking on their personality, quirks, emotions, and mannerisms. 

[I’ve been strengthening] my dedication to character study. I have a deep desire to really bring the character I am portraying to the screen in a meaningful and authentic way. I don’t just want to “play” the character, I want to become the character, for a little while, “live in their skin”, I guess you could say. 

I try to hang out with my friends every chance I get. I try to do fun stuff that has nothing to do with acting. There’s a time to work but there must be time to play, and time for family. 

Networking Tip:
Take every chance you can to meet with people, whether it be fans and followers, or industry people that may someday look to hire you. But in EVERY case, be the person YOU would want to hang out with. Be empathetic and authentic. 

Business Advice:
There are two pieces of advice I still hold onto today: To be patient, that someday it will be my turn. Meaning, the big studio project or major tv series will come, just be patient. Also, to wear my characters like a coat that I can zip on and off. It’s important to put the character away after filming, to not let it consume you. 

Look for Brayden in Dinosaur Cove, Pulled From Darkness, a Christmas film, a sports film, and a superhero film!

Follow Brayden on IG at @braydeneatonofficial, Twitter at @brayden__eaton, on Meta at @braydeneatonofficial, and at

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - December 2020

Academy Member Brayden Eaton from Detroit, Michigan lives by his own advice to “know your stuff”. The 13-year old talks about why he loves acting, how he prepares for roles, and why he loves working in entertainment.

I’m just a fun kid who has a deep passion for acting. The biggest ones so far have been Dinosaur Cove where I am the lead, and Miracle on Christmas where I have a supporting role. Miracle in Christmas was my first big distributed film. Dinosaur Cove will also be distributed. Being the lead in Dinosaur Cove was like having a Masters class in filmmaking. Spending that much time and doing so much work to bring the character to life was really fun. By the end of the shoot I got some life long friends with the cast and crew!  
I like to watch other films and shows and their actors. If I’m playing a real person, I like to study up on them and see what they were really like. I also like to skateboard, that’s when I think. It lets me be free to be creative and bring that back to the screen. Working in Entertainment, I love that I get to meet so many awesome people. The friends I have made on set have made me so happy. I also like to play characters of all kinds. It’s like being an explorer of people and their stories.
Networking Tip: Be professional on set, be on time, and know your stuff. Your reputation with a director, cast, and crew is everything! Also, be ready to have a real conversation, be authentic and genuine.
Business Advice: Be prepared, be professional, be on time, and know your stuff!
Favorite Part of #41YAA: I loved the zoom sessions! It was great being able to connect with so many people!
Watch for Brayden in some upcoming soon-to-be-announced projects!

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