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Maya Delgado

Maya Delgado is an actress and singer residing in Los Angeles, California. She recently appeared in the Emmy Award winning Apple TV+ show, Ghostwriter.  Maya has appeared in numerous national and bilingual (Spanish) commercials and has been cast in award winning short films and musical theater productions.  She released her first album, Shades of You, in 2016 at the age of nine.  She is founder of HeARTS of Maya, a nonprofit organization that awards scholarships to deserving youth who want to pursue the arts.  Maya has received numerous accolades for her philanthropic work and received the Spark Award in 2018 for her commitment to advancing the arts.

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Academy Newsletter Interview - June 2021

Actress and Singer Maya Delgado loves performing, but she also helps others pursue their dreams of in the arts. The 14-year old from Chicago shares what she loves about working in Entertainment and about staying grounded.

I am obviously an actress, but I am also a singer and dancer. I have also done a lot of songwriting and I’m currently learning a lot about music production. One of my biggest accomplishments is starting a non-profit organization called HeARTs of Maya, providing educational scholarships to kids to go into arts classes like singing, acting, and dancing. The website is, so there’s more information about the organization on there.

Recently, I appeared on Ghostwriter on Apple TV+. I got to shoot that in Toronto which was really cool. I will be happy no matter what I’m doing just as long as I’m on a set, and the wardrobe, set, and character I was playing were all so interesting to me. I loved working on that project.

One of the most important things that keeps me grounded is knowing where I come from: like my culture, my family’s history, and just learning more about different cultures and people. The more I know what’s going on in the world, the more appreciative I am of everything I have. I am half Mexican and half Cuban, so I like to learn a lot about that as well. I always ask my abuelos what it was like living in Mexico and Cuba. In terms of being a role model, I just think it’s best to show myself. No one is perfect. So I think showing who you are without being worried about what people will think is going to help others be out there and confident. 

I love the fact that there’s always something happening [working in Entertainment]. There’s always a role to audition for, there’s always a movie to watch, there’s always an actor to study. Not to mention all of the new projects coming out because of streaming! I think there will be a lot of room for the industry to be very diverse and make really big changes in our world.

Networking Tip: ALWAYS BE ON TIME! I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this, which it’s obviously a given, but there’s a reason people keep saying it. Treating everybody kindly and respectfully is very Important too, no matter who you're talking to. When it comes to auditioning, I think it’s best to be yourself, and know that every casting director is different. They all have different things that they like an actor to do, so researching who you are working with is very important.

Business Advice: I really don’t have an answer for that! I hear like a million quotes everyday about what you HAVE to do to be successful or what the “right steps are” to a star. It’s not about being famous. It’s about doing what you love. There is no set formula on how to make it in this business, so learn as much as possible and let life happen!

Watch Maya for updates on her new summer music!

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