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Mason Cufari

Mason Cufari from upstate New York began his acting career at the age of three in the PBS docu-drama Joseph Smith, The American Prophet (2016).  Thereafter he made several appearances on Investigation Discovery with Evil Lives Here (2018 & 2019), Celebrity Ghost Stories (2020), Interrogator (2019), Lies That Bind (2019), Madam Secretary (2019), FBI (2020), as well as several short films.

Mason has also had the pleasure of modeling for Jimmy Jazz Clothing, Canvan Images and walked the runway to raise money for Ronald McDonald House and WOKE fashions in NY Fashion Week.

2021 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance in a Commercial Role: Young Actor - Nominated
Best Performance in a TV Series: Supporting Young Artist - Nominated
Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Young Actor - Winner

2020 IndieX Fest 
Award Nominee Best Child/ Young Actor - Nominated
2020 Independent Short Awards 
Award Winner Best Child/ Young Actor - Winner

2019 Nyack Film Festival
Best Short Short - Winner

2019 American Youth Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor - Nominated

2018 Bergen International Film Festival
Winning Best Supporting Actor - Winner

2018 Nyack Film Festival  
Best Short Short - Winner 

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Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - August 2022

Since he was 3-years old, actor Mason Cufari has been working in Entertainment and moving audiences with his performances. The 9-year old Young Artist Academy™ Award Winner from Albany, New York shares where he finds inspiration, and business advice for artists at any age!

I am a very good swimmer. I am self-motivated and when I set my mind to something, it gets done. For example, I taught myself how to do a backflip on the ground by watching videos and trying, failing and trying again. To get inspired, honestly, I watch YouTube. I see someone doing something and I just want to do it, so I do. I love watching people do something and then trying to do it my own way. 

I think if you want your performance remembered, you have to be relatable. It has to be real. My parents keep me grounded for sure. And my friends. They are always proud of me, even if I don’t get the role. [In working in Entertainment] I love spending time with my mom on set, meeting other actors and hanging out. Oh and Crafty! 

Networking Tip:
Just be authentic. Be confident in who you are and be positive. And remember names. That’s super important.

Business Advice:
Make as much money as you can and SAVE! 

Look for Mason in the feature film Lost on a Mountain in Maine, based on the book!

Follow Mason at and at @mason_cufari

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Member Newsletter Interview

From Rotterdam, New York, Mason Cufari has been performing since he was three! Already comfortable working with celebrities, the 8-year old actor explains his technique to networking and showcasing his talent!

I’m funny and love cracking jokes! I taught myself how to do a backflip on the ground.

I have worked on so many projects that I love! But my all time favorite was Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton. I cannot wait for it to air. Working this project was a highlight in my career because I am now SAG eligible. I like that I can be different people and take on their life. I also like meeting new people. 

Networking Tip: Talk and don’t be shy! They won’t know you if you don’t tell who you are!

Inspiration from Award Season: I do every job hoping to win a big award. I haven’t yet, but I keep trying.

Business Advice: Every audition is a commercial to sell my talents. I have to work as hard as I can to get as many casting directors as I can to believe in my talents and buy them!

See Mason in Season 4 of Goliath premiering later this year!

Follow Mason on IG @mason_cufari, Facebook at masoncufari, Tik Tok @masoncufari, and his Official Site 

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