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Samarah Conley

Samarah Conley is an award winning American actress.  She began her acting career in 2015 booking her first nationally aired commercial. She continued on with several TV and Internet commercials.  Shortly after, Samarah began working in short film and TV.  Samarah is also an accomplished singer, pianist and songwriter.  After auditioning for "A" My Name Is, the director asked if she would like to write a song for the film.  Samarah enjoys preforming live for audiences whether it's a music recital, open mic night or singing as a guest with other talented musicians.  In her spare time she really enjoy songwriting, writing stories, playing piano, dancing, gymnastics, painting and drawing, crocheting, and swimming.

2021 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance in an Outstanding Music Single - Nominated
Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Young Actress - Nominated

2020 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance Leading Young Artist: TV Series - Nominated
Best Performance TV Movie: Youth Artist - Nominated

2020 Skyline Performer Awards
Best Performance in a TV Series/TV Drama - Nominated
Best Performance in a Feature Film  - Nominated

2020 Young Entertainer Awards  
Best Leading Young Actress - TV Movie, Mini Series or Special - Nominated

2019 Nice International Film Festival
Festival Award Best Lead Actress in a Short Film - Winner 

Academy Activity

41st Young Artist Academy™ Award Nomination Announcements
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2020 Recap


Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - December 2020

Samarah Conley from Newburgh, New York is one of the newest Young Artist Academy™ Award Winners. The 13-year old Actress and Singer/Songwriter has been working in Entertainment for half of her life and shares with us her “Four P’s” to Success!

I really enjoy writing song lyrics and composing music, reading books and oftentimes pretending I am one of the characters in the book, and listening to music which really drives my creative motivation and keeps me focused.

I've been interested in acting since I was five years old and began my acting career at age seven. I also began singing and taking piano lessons at the age of five and began playing ukulele when I was ten. I also love to write and compose my own songs and have released three songs ("Broken Wing", "Rain", and "Movin' On") on all music platforms. I also have been taking dancing lessons for ten years and recently began figure skating lessons about one year ago. I absolutely love figure skating! To relax, I enjoy crocheting and spending time with my 3 dogs. 

A few of the noteworthy projects that I have worked on in the past include Last Vermont Christmas, "A" My Name Is, and How Am I Doing?. Last Vermont Christmas is a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel TV Movie which I play a lead role in. I am honored to have won Best Lead Youth Artist for my role in this for the 41st Annual Young Artist Academy™ Awards.

"A" My Name Is is a short film written and directed by Sarah Schwab in which I played the lead role of a dying cancer patient. I was so grateful to have won three awards for this short film; Best Lead Actress in a Short Film at the 2019 Nice International Film Festival, the Best Lead Actress 10-15 in a Short Film at the 2020 NOVA Star Awards, and Best Young Actress 10-11 in a Short Film at the 2020 Young Entertainer Awards. How Am I Doing? written by Ken Perlstein and directed by Colleen Davie Janes is a comedy television series in which I am a co-star. I recently won Best Lead Actress in a Television Series at the 2020 Skyline Performer Awards.

There are a few things I love most about working in entertainment. First, I have the opportunity to meet new people and create bonds with them. Second, I love being in front of the camera and being able to work with actors, directors, crew, etc. and learning new things from them along the way. Lastly, I really enjoy being able to inspire other people. 

Networking Tip: A few tips that I feel have helped me network further with industry professionals is something that I call the "Four P's"; always be Professional, always be Punctual, always be Patient, and always be Polite

Business Advice: The best business advice I have received is to always believe in myself and to follow my dreams. 

Favorite Part of #41YAA: My favorite things about the academy's 41st awards show include being able to interact with so many other youth actors and industry adults via Zoom. I enjoyed being able to listen to others, share my own stories and play games while we waited for the awards show to begin. Michelle Koshman and Derek Maki were incredible in the way they interacted with all of the youth. They truly made everyone feel welcomed and included which was really nice. I also loved seeing everyone on the red carpet and of course being nominated for three awards and winning won was extremely exciting!

Look for Samarah in multiple upcoming projects: How Am I Doing?, Demonico, Vesuvius, Midnight, and Adulthood!

Follow Samarah on all platforms (IG, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) @samarahconley and on her website.

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - October 2021

From Newburgh, New York, 13-year old Actress and Singer/Songwriter Samarah Conley shares what keeps her grounded while working in Entertainment. The Young Artist Academy™ Award Winner and 42nd Award Nominee also explains her secret (and success!) to being patient.

Something I would like for people to know about me is that I am a very nice, caring, and compassionate person. I always try to tend to people's needs and I am always a good person to come to when you need to talk about anything that's troubling you. I began figure skating about two years ago and recently joined the United States Figure Skating Association. In 2022, I will be entering my first figure skating competition and I am very excited.

There are two things I like best about working in entertainment. First, I love to inspire other people who want to chase their dreams of being in the entertainment field. Secondly, I really enjoy meeting new people. I not only enjoy having the opportunity to work with them, but to learn from them as well.

The things that keep me grounded while acting or singing for an audience are utilizing breathing techniques prior to, during and after as well as keeping an open mind throughout the project or performance. By doing this, it helps me to stay focused and in the moment.

A Set Life Skill that I have learned over the past several years is to be patient. Patience is key to working and being successful in the entertainment industry, especially when projects go on for many hours and/or days. The trick to this for me is partially my breathing techniques as mentioned earlier.

I handle disappointments in the entertainment industry by keeping a positive mindset. For every job I have booked, I did not hear back from at least ten other castings that I auditioned for. Some of those projects were for lead roles of pretty well known feature films, which I of course, wish I had booked, but I am always super happy for the actress that does book it. With my positive mindset, I keep looking forward to the next audition and always give it my all. 

Business Advice: [Don’t] worry if you forget your lines during a take or words to a song while performing for an audience and to just keep going. In acting, being able to improv is so important and sometimes it works out great and other times you just move on with another take or two or three and that's okay. When I forget a word or words to a song while singing, as long as I stay on beat and pick up pretty quickly, most people don't even realize I missed the word(s). In short, it's okay to not always be perfect.

Watch for Samarah in the short film Above The Horizon, and in an upcoming untitled television series. Also catch Samarah’s original songs slated to release by the end of this year.  

Follow Samarah on IG @samarahconley, Twitter @samarahconley, Facebook @samarahconley, on Spotify at Samarah Conley, YouTube at Samarah Conley and at

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