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Estovan Reizo Cheah

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2021 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance in a Commercial Role: Young Actor - Nominated
Best Performance in an Outstanding Music Single - Nominated
Best Performance as an Outstanding Influencer - Nominated
Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Young Actor - Nominated

2019 Zhongxin International Singing Competition 
First Prize Winner & Best Performance Award

2019 Brilliant Talent Discovery Music International Competition 
Silver Award & Special Prize Award for Musical Theatre

2019 The Muse International Competition (Athens, Greece)
Honorary Diploma Award for Solo Musical Theatre

2019 Wonderful Child's Voice International Competition (Shanghai)
Honorary Award for Excellent Singer

2018 American Protege
First Prize Winner

2017 Sheng Siong Singing Competition
Third Prize Winner 

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Academy Newsletter Interview - July 2020

Estovan Reizo Cheah from Singapore is completely dedicated to performing.  Between filming his series and feature films, this 10-year old performs in live musicals and national & international commercials.  Check out his advice for youths going into show biz!

I love and enjoy performing and acting.  You need to have a passion to continue because it is not an easy journey.  You put in a lot of effort and long hours.  Working in the entertainment industry lets me meet a lot of people.  They really take good care of me and I learn a lot from them.  I gain confidence and become more independent along the way.  
I have been performing and acting since I was 3-years old.  It all started with the year-end concert in my preschool.  Since then, I have never stopped performing.  Other than school, my schedules are filled with filming and rehearsal. I travel around to perform and attend performing workshops.  My parents even started a performing school for me so that I can practice in the dance studio with my favourite coaches.
Some of the main highlights include performing as main child leads in musicals, in drama series and movies, and hosting national and corporate events.  I’ve also enjoyed doing advertisements of leading brands locally and internationally.
One of the projects I am very proud of is my role in a Chinese musical from Taiwan called Super Mummy.  I was the lead child in the musical and I had to act, sing and dance live, together with an esteemed Taiwan singer and actress, in front of more than 6,000 attendees!  The musical ran nearly everyday for more than 35 shows.
Another noteworthy project was a MediaCorp drama series where I was required to display mixed feelings from happy to crying scenes.  The role really hones my emotional skills.  I'm glad that I have opportunities from different types of projects that enable me to learn and grow.
My parents will always let me choose the projects that I take up. They will run through the projects with me, provide advice on what is expected from me, and then leave the decision to me.  I have the advantage to put myself in the story even before I take up the project. I was very privileged to be involved in some projects where I can contribute ideas and my opinion.  I think a good performance is when the performers put themselves in the story and draw out their true feelings in the roles they play.  Along the way, I talk to different people in the industry and learned a lot. Besides performing and acting, I hope I can be more involved in show production.
Network Tip: Be respectful, willing to take advice and always be ready to learn.
Business Advice: Be humble and view achievements as learning steps to achieving more. There is always something you can learn along the way.
Watch for Estovan in a in a new drama series and a musical, as well as in a live national broadcast.
His upcoming films are Number One and Late Night Ride

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