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Lacey Caroline

Lacey is a multi-talented entertainer who has been working in the industry since the age of 8.  Over the past few years, Lacey has focused on acting, hosting, and reporting and is currently the NASCAR and Supercross LIVE Kid Reporter. She can also be seen in the 2019 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A Christmas Love Story, and she recently filmed television pilot, Harbor Island in which she plays the lead character.  In addition to performing and hosting, Lacey also works with the Z Star Digital editorial team.

2021 Young Artist Academy™ Awards
Best Performance Short Film: Teen Actress - Winner
Best Performance Streaming Series: Leading Teen Actress - Nominated

2020 Young Artist Academy Awards
Best Performance TV Movie: Youth Artist - Nominated
Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actress - Nominated

2020 Best Shorts Award
Award of Merit - Winner

2020 Festigious International Film Festival
June Award - Winner

2020 Independent Shorts Awards
Best Child/Young Actress - Winner
Best Acting Ensemble - Winner

2020 Indie Short Fest
Best Child/Young Actress - Winner
Best Acting Ensemble - Winner
Best Child/Young Actress - Nominated
Best Acting Ensemble - Nominated

2020 IndieX Film Festival
Best Child/Young Actress - Winner

2020 Los Angeles Film Awards
Best Young Actress - Winner

2020 New York Film Awards
Best Duo - Winner

2020 New York Movie Awards
Best Actress - Winner

2020 Oniros Film Awards 
Best Young Actress - Winner

2020 Young Entertainer Award
Best Young Actress 12-14 - Nominated
Best Young Actress - Web Host - Nominated

2020 Top Shorts Film Festival
Best Young Actress - Winner

2020 Venice Short Film Awards
Best Youth Actress - Winner

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Academy Newsletter Interview - June 2022

Actress/Kid Host/Kid Reporter Lacey Caroline from Charlotte,
North Carolina has a lot going on! 
The 15-year old Young Artist Academy™ Award Winner shares about some of her favorite projects, making friendships in the Entertainment Industry, and how she ‘stays relevant’ as a performer.

I really love super heroes, specifically The Batman and dream of being a superhero someday. I am a huge fan of the outdoors and being inspired through indie-pop music. I also love binge watching some of my favorite shows and using those characters as references in auditions and performances. 

I have been in lots of short films and an awesome television spec pilot. Most noteworthy has to be the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A Christmas Love Story and as the NASCAR and Supercross Kid Reporter. I love the families that you make on a set or in a show. It is a really special bond that you create and it's so cool to see someone you have met or worked with before on another project. 

Recently, I have really focused on my dramatic acting, which I was a little hesitant with before, and am in mixed martial arts classes - training for that future role as a superhero! 

Business Advice:  Never lose yourself in the industry and remember why you love to act. 

Networking Tip: Networking is so important in this industry and it's so important to stay relevant. I am always checking Actors Access or Backstage for upcoming projects and look at who is casting and directing. I will do research on the teams and their projects so that I can have an understanding of what they are looking for and sometimes we connect via social media. As much as I want to work, I want to make sure that I am working for and with great people!

Look for Lacey in several short films on the festival circuit: Worm Radio, Youth, and Beyond the Yard. Also catch Lacey in The Rush Call, in two more short films in production, as well as a regional production of Legally Blonde in Davidson NC!

Follow Lacey on Instagram @iamlaceycaroline on FB @laceycaroline and at

41st Young Artist Academy™ Award Nomination Announcements
(16:34 and 25:01)

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