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Bradley Bundlie

Bradley first stepped onto the stage at the age of three and a half, and fell in love with theatre.  Eight years later, he still loves the "smell" of an old theatre and performing in front of a live audience.   His Live Theater credits include: Oliver, Wonder, The Open Door, Tesla the Musical, Two Pictures In One, Frankenstein: The Musical, Beauty and the Beast, and A Christmas Carol.   He is also passionate about Shakespeare having played lead in productions of Macbeth, Romeo & Juliette, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet.

An accomplished guitarist, Bradley performs in his own band "First Day of School" with his younger brother Bowie.  As a competitive gymnast, Bradley competed as a Level 6 gymnast and also spent many years as a competitive roller skater and ballet dancer, once performing a duet with the world famous Moscow Ballet company in The Nutcracker.   He dreams of someday becoming a NASA Astronaut.  Bradley is well traveled through Italy, France, Germany, England, Israel and Morocco.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2021 Best Performance in a Music Video Role: Youth Artist - Nominated
2020 Best Performance in a Streaming Film - Young Artist - Winner
2020 Best Performance in a Streaming Series - Young Artist - Nominated
2019 Best Performance in a Short Film: Young Actor - Nominated
2017 Best New Media Performance - Young Actor - Winner

Young Entertainer Awards
2020 Best Young Actor - Live Theatre - Winner
2020 Best Supporting Young Actor - Television Movie, Mini Series or Special - Nominated 
2019 Best Young Actor - Live Theatre - Nominated 
2018 Best Young Actor - Live Theater - Winner

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Academy Newsletter Interview - February 2019

Actor Bradley Bundlie knows all about making friends in the Entertainment Industry. The 9-year old dishes out why he loves acting, some of his favorite new projects, and how he makes friends with other young actors:

I had just turned 5, and I worked five days in a row as the lead in a student film, and I remember thinking that THIS is what I want to do as much as possible!  It was so much work; I was in almost every scene and had tons of dialogue, and I was the only kid on set ... and I just remembered loving watching how other actors work. I knew I had found my happy place.  Lately, I’ve been having a blast hanging out with friends through monthly meetings through S.A.G. (Screen Actors Guild).  It’d be awesome to have fun monthly activities through [the Young Artist Academy] too! 

On TV, I’ve been on American Housewife and got to sing, which I love doing so much.  It gave my brother and I the idea to start doing Carpool Karaoke, which we post to our YouTube channel.  I also love doing live theatre, and I got to play the title role in Oliver in a huge theatre!  That was amazing!  I love playing a role and really believing in that character’s reality.  It’s just fun!
I love working in Entertainment because I love the people!  The hair and makeup people ... the 2nd AD who put my name as ‘Elvis Presley’ on my trailer door ... and then there’s that craft table!  But my favorite thing of all, is what happens when the Director says “Action!” ... to the moment he says “Cut!” ... and all the stuff that happens in between!

After a few months of auditions, you start to see the same kids over and over and eventually you just become friends.  It doesn’t even matter that you may be going in for the same role!  Then there are jobs where you get to know each other even better (but you can’t really goof off on a job, so you hope the moms can figure out a good time to get together).  My 3 besties are all actors!  My friends are so amazing because they’re not afraid to try new things and to be silly.  We don’t judge each other on what we’re wearing, or if we might look different because of a job, or if we listen to certain kinds of music - because we know that being an actor means we can be colorful, and sometimes a slightly 'odd' human being. … And that’s ok!"

Bradley’s Networking Tip: Be kind to every single person you meet.  Then be AMAZING on set!  Seriously, I think that’s the trick. Just be so good that they want to call you in for something else! My mom always says, “Just do the work. Work always gets work!” I’ve gotten more jobs from recommendations than I have from auditions!

Bradley is a regular on YouTube Channel’s Kids React, and is currently filming an upcoming Lifetime film, Kissing Cousins 

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