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Brooklyn Robinson

Brooklyn Robinson at only 10 years of age has been awarded Best Rising Star Award by the Harvard Writers Guild for her lead performance in the short film Like Me.  She also is a Sundance Film Festival alumnae as well as Tribeca.  Brooklyn has appeared in feature films, national commercials and theater productions in both Los Angeles and New York.  In addition to acting Brooklyn loves being a kid!!  She enjoys swimming, surfing, ice skating, riding her scooter, playing soccer and riding horses.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2022 Best Performance in a Short Film Role: Teen Actress - Nominated
2021 Best Performance in a Streaming Film Role: Young Actress - Nominated
2020 Best Performance in a Streaming Film - Young Artist - Nominated
2019 Best New Media Performance: Young Artist - Winner
2018 Best Performance in a Digital TV Series or Film - Young Actress - Nominated

IndieFEST Film Awards
2017 Award of Recognition Leading Actress - Winner

Young Entertainer Awards
2019 Best Young Actress 10 & Under - Web Performance - Nominated
2019 Best Young Actress 10-11 - Nominated
2018 Best Young Actress 9 & Under - Short Film - Nominated
2018 Best Young Actress 12 & Under - Web Performance - Nominated
2017 Young Actress 9 & Under - Short Film - Winner

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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards 
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41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - August 2022

Young Artist Academy™ Award Winner Brooklyn Robinson knows how to see the ‘big picture’ of show business. The 14-year old actress from Porter Ranch, California has been working in Entertainment for ten years, and talks about traveling, SAG-AFTRA, and what makes great performances stand out. 

I am a huge animal lover and activist for wildlife. I have spent every summer at the Los Angeles Zoo dedicating my time to learning about animals. I really love to draw cartoon-like characters and create a story about them. I also love to listen to music.

I think traveling to new places has really been eye opening. We traveled cross country recently and were able to stop in every state along the way. I was actually able to see the different local cultures, food and the way people behaved. It’s really cool to actually have real experiences to draw from when acting.

I really love being on the leadership council for SAG-AFTRA Looking Ahead program. I have been a member for six years and have made so many friends. It’s really great to be around other creative kids like myself! In my opinion performances that are natural, connected and honest really speak to viewers. When the audience feels for you as the character then you have really done a great job.

Networking Tip:
I think that having very involved parents that support me at various events has made it safe. I have had only positive experiences professionally networking and I really think it’s because we have been selective in choosing the right atmosphere. For example the different events that YAA has provided has really been beneficial in meeting other industry professionals and kids just like me. 

Business Advice:
In this industry as an actor you are a small piece in the big puzzle when auditioning. Many times even the greatest performances don’t quite fit in the overall picture. When the opportunity is right for you it will totally be yours!

Watch for Brooklyn in an upcoming series, a national NFL commercial, in the feature film Clowning on Amazon and on #NickShorts streaming on all Nickelodeon platforms! 

Follow Brooklyn on IG @thebrooklynrobinson

Your Advantage & Awareness

Academy Newsletter Interview - February 2019

With over 40 film credits and numerous industry recognitions, Young Artist Academy Member Brooklyn Robinson knew she wanted to act when she filmed her first feature.

I love the opportunity to learn about different characters and to be able to be a storyteller. I've guest starred on the TV LAND show, and have had an episodic show at the Sundance Film Festival. And Winning the Rising Star award at Harvard Film Festival was such an honor! 
Learning from adult actors and watching them is always a treat for me.  I've met my best friends on set and in acting classes.  We all have a certain bond as creative kids so its so fun to hang out with each other.  Being nominated for Young Artist Academy™ Awards and recognized by my peers is amazing.

Brooklyn's Networking Tip: Always be grateful for every opportunity.  Attend events that you're invited to (that your schedule allows) to support everyone’s work.

Brooklyn's feature film, Escape Puzzle of Fear, comes out shortly. She has recently wrapped an unnamed project playing Andy Dick’s daughter.  Her mini series, Ministry of Evil, comes out shortly on Sundance TV.

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