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Cameron Brodeur

Born in Montreal Canada, Cameron is fluent in both English and French.  He began studying dance at age 2 at his family run dance school, the Cameron School of Dance (the oldest dance school in Canada- since 1930).  Cameron has performed and competed in dance all over Canada and the United states including shows at sea aboard a Carnival Cruise ship and performances at Disneyland.  When Cameron was 10 years old, he decided he wanted to give acting a shot.  On his first audition he landed a role in an English/French TV commercial.  Over the following year, Cameron went on to book several other TV and radio commercials.  When Cameron was 12 yrs old he booked his first TV series, the role of Soren on Season 2 of Helix (SYFY network).  His experience on the set of Helix was incredibly educational and confirmed to him that he wanted to pursue acting as a career.  Cameron has since worked in both English and French TV, Film and video games on projects such as : the feature film Midway; Netflix's Umbrella Academy; Apple TV's Ghostwriter; Lifetime TV movie Amber Alert, Ubisoft's Far Cry Primal and many many more. Cameron is a Young Artist Academy Award winning actor as well as a title winner for several international dance competitions including "American Dance Awards Senior Male Dancer of the Year" 2018 (Montreal) and " Junior Mr. Candance" 2015 (Montreal).
When Cameron is not on set he is honing his acting skills in workshops/classes or doing something outdoors like swimming, snowboarding or boating.

Young Artist Academy™ Awards
2020 Best Performance in a Streaming Series - Leading Teen Artist - Nominated
2020 Best Performance in a Feature Film - Teen Artist - Nominated
2019 Best Performance in a Streaming Series or Film: Teen Actor - Winner

The Joey Awards 
2019 Best Television or Webseries Ensemble - Winner
2019 Best Actor in a Recurring Role Television Drama 14+  Winner

Academy Activity

41st Young Artist Academy™ Awards


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Academy Newsletter Interview - August 2019

Starring as one of the The Umbrella Academy’s young superheroes, actor Cameron Brodeur from Montreal picked up his first Best Performance award at last month’s Young Artist Academy™ 40th Awards. 
Starting college this month, the star shares about his fourteen years in dance, and six years in acting.

I love dogs, actually all animals.  I love anime.  I collect posters from my favourite TV shows and movies and they are all on my bedroom walls.  I love to play video games with my friends and my dad. I work/act in both English and French.  I played a role on a French TV series for 3 seasons.  I just graduated High school (grade 11). Where I live we graduate from high school in grade 11. I am going to start college (CEGEP) next month.  
I am always watching new shows, new movies, to try and learn from those actors.  I will try to pick up tricks along the way.  One of my favourite shows is The Office.  I actually had a chance to play Melora Hardin’s “Jan’s" son on The Bold Type a few years ago. That was amazing.  I also try to take lots of workshops and classes in all sorts of things like acting, singing, dancing, stage combat etc. I love learning from other people.
So far [my acting highlights] are: Umbrella Academy (as Young Luther); Midway (as Sully Brown); Amber Alert (also known as I Have Your Children as Oliver); Helix 2 (as Soren) and Amélie et Compagnie (as Mathieu). I have to say that Umbrella Academy was a great highlight because I got to play a superhero which has always been a dream of mine.  I also really loved working on Midway because it was more of a mature role for me.  It was so hard and intensely physical.  I played a young soldier instead of a child role.  I also loved working on Helix 2 because it was my first big project and I learned so much from working on that set.  I was only twelve but got to do so much with that character.
My first day on the set of my first real acting job (Helix 2) I did not expect to have to sit in 5-6 hours of prosthetic special effects makeup.  I could not move my face or eat all day.  I also had a fight scene that first day where I had to attack my mother.  It was a really intense first experience that I was not expecting.  I felt very overwhelmed.  My stunt coach was amazing and so was my special effects makeup artist but I had no idea that I was going to be doing this for 12 hours straight.  After the first day on set, I remember telling my mother that this was so hard and that I didn’t think I could do it anymore.  Of course I did continue and fell in love with that role and everyone I worked with.  I learned how to work hard but how to enjoy it also.  This show ended up being what made me fall in love with acting because I build so many great relationships.

Networking Tip: Always be respectful of others and their work. Try to make conversation with people especially on set.  I love to talk with the other actors and crew, especially the ones older than me so I can learn from them and listen to the path they took.  I try to stay in touch with them by email or social media.  I have been lucky to work with some great people who stay in contact with me as well.  I just had the chance to be on a panel at Montreal Comic-Con with Robert Sheehan.  I love meeting back up with people who I have worked with in the past.

Audition Advice: Use that adrenaline and stress to enhance your performance.  I often find myself really nervous in auditions, especially call backs.  Just remember that being nervous means you care about what you are doing and that is ok.  Sometimes I have to distract myself in the wait room like playing a video game on my phone while I wait.  I am still trying to learn how to overcome being nervous waiting to go into auditions but it is good to know that others feel nervous too.  Also sometimes the people in the audition room are very outgoing and give you great feedback but other times, they are quiet and look uninterested. Just try to pretend in your head that they are smiling at you and that they are enjoying what you are doing.

On Disappointments: Don’t take it personally.  I know that is really hard.  They know what they are looking for and this time it may not be me. I try to take the feedback I get, if any, and use it for the next time.  It does suck to not get a role you really want or one that you came so close to getting, but tomorrow is another day and another audition.

Cyber Bullying Protection: That one is hard. I am just learning this myself.  But, always have a parent monitor your accounts.  You can put in your Bio section that your account it monitored by mom and dad.  Also, don’t ever answer any private messages.

Watch for Cameron in Midway on the big screen in November,
and on a new TV show coming to a new streaming service.
Cameron is also slated for another French TV series,
and he begins college this month.  Best of luck, Cameron!

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