Voting Guidelines


When you have completed the ballot, right-click on the digital 'sticker' (control-click on Mac) and Save Image As... to use on your social media.

Greetings Academy Members!

As a member of the Young Artist Academy™ - you have been invited to Vote on the 41st awards with our improved voting application. Like all new technologies, there can be hiccups. We’re happy to break down a few questions below to help guide you through this updated process.

This video provides an introduction to the Academy Voting application:

All the nominee videos can still be viewed at: (use the password given in the 'Member Voting Process Begins!' email.)

Academy Member Accounts
You should already have a welcome ballot-email from, containing your username (membership email address before the @ sign) and a temporary password.

Missing Credentials Email
There could be two reasons you did not receive the ballot-email:

1. Please check spam/junk folders.

2. If you are now using a different email address from the one provided when applying for membership, please contact us to have it updated in the membership records.

Login Process

1. Use this direct link to the voting application:

2. Input your username and temporary password, click the Login button.

(click icon above to see the form.)

3. After you click Login, you will be asked to create your own NEW password on the 'Edit Your Profile' form and submit.

4. Next, click on the 'PERSON' ICON to the right of the 'Contact' link in the top navigation bar.

5. A pop-up appears. Click on the 'Cast Your Vote' link to access the ballot.

6. If you log out at any time, you can log back in by clicking on the SMALL GREY LOCK ICON in the menu bar on the official website. Input your username and new password.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended you login from a computer or tablet and not a phone.

Voting Ballot
Upon login, you should automatically be directed to the voting ballot. You will see the first listed category of nominees.

Using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, navigate through all the categories and cast your votes.

A drop-down selection on the right also allows you to access any of the other categories.

Submitting Ballot/ Pause Voting
Once you have voted on every category, you will see a green checkmark, along with a note stating: 'You have Completed Voting.'

Next, log-out by clicking the silhouette icon of a person in top navigation bar.

Your votes are automatically submitted.

If you wish to take a pause, just log-out and your work-in-progress will be saved!

Until July 15th, members may log-in and out as much as desired, as well as change voting choices. Any changes are automatically submitted and updated in the system.

Note: At 14-minutes of inactivity/idling, the system will automatically prompt you to Renew the Session with a pop-up. If you do not renew, the system will log you out. We do not recommend leaving the system logged in and unattended (i.e. to view nominations videos). A printable worksheet has been provided for members to note their selections during viewing, and the digital ballot is to submit those selections. Please log out after each voting session.
Your selections will be saved, as well as automatically submitted!

As we continue to implement updated processes, we deeply appreciate your patience. Though sometimes a challenge, experiences such as voting give youths the industry experience in which they will participate upon eligibility to even larger guilds and awards organizations. We treasure these earliest years of their career, and are privileged to help prepare them for exciting and important industry privileges such as this.

Please feel free to direct inquiries to and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Shine on!

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