Earth Day

Looking for ways to show love for our planet? The Young Artist Academy™ is proud of young stars who demonstrate responsible leadership by helping Mother Earth.

We will be sharing ways our 2022 Class is taking decisive action to love the planet.

Check out some of these fun activities to educate and inspire!

Join In!

Academy Members, send us how you rise to the challenge of protecting Earth, and we’ll add them to this page.

Earth Day Suggestions

Host or Support Virtually

This year, as Earth Day goes digital, teach-ins prompt meaningful community responses to ongoing environmental challenges.

  • Earth-X is celebrating all day and all week long with concerts, conferences, exhibits and virtual parties
  • Attend one of these virtual teach-ins or follow Earth Day Network’s guide to create your own.
  • Can you livestream a nature walk or backyard exploration? Ask your fans and viewers to find what species live in their backyard and explore how they can protect local habitats. (Note: Make sure to work with your parents to learn and observe local mandates and recommendations by officials on healthy behaviors.)

Academy Members are invited to send videos or photos of your exploration to and we’ll add them to this page.

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Tristan Riggs    
Rico Anderson

Learn and Explore

  • Connect to nature. Download a free do-at-home lesson activity based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) principles, and have fun exploring nature and science in your own backyard.
  • Download the 2022 Earth Challenge Apps to learn how to gather air quality and pollution data in your community and discover tools for environmental protection.
  • Know your Climate Zone & Conduct Plant Inventory. Enter your U.S. state or zip code to determine “optimal plant hardiness” for your area. Learn about the importance of pollinators and how backyards can support local wildlife.
  • Bring in the Birds. Make good choices on what to plant by entering your 5-digit zip code to explore the best plants for birds in your area. Keeping pollinators in mind provides much-needed food and shelter for local birds, bees, butterflies, bats, and other creatures. Using the Audubon Society’s database can help discover which birds will be attracted to which plants for your area.

Academy Members are invited to send videos or photos of your exploration to and we’ll add them to this page.

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Jeffery Benson

Watch Your Mouth!

Your family can try new delicious foods and reduce their carbon footprint by adopting a more plant-based diet.

  • Research plant-based recipes or recreate family favorites with plant-based ingredients.
  • Try to avoid snacks that come wrapped in individual plastic and instead grab popcorn kernels and banana chips from the bulk section of the store.
  • Shop with reusable bags for whole fruits and vegetables, grab some canned beans, and fill a bring-your-own container with a grain (like couscous or brown rice) from the bulk section.
  • Back at home, work with your parents to cook a meal free from single-use plastic.
  • Try a new food preservation technique, like pickling, canning, drying and freezing to enjoy fruits and vegetables year round and minimize food waste.
  • Calculate your “FoodPrint” and get a check on how your food habits are affecting the planet.
  • BBC Climate Change Food Calculator shows how your food intake compares to emissions of driving, heating a home and consuming water.
  • Eat Lower Carbon compares the carbon food-print of different meals.
  • FoodPrint has a fun and easy quiz that helps you better understand the concept of a food-print and shows you how well you’re doing so far.
  • The New York Times quiz allows you to choose common meals and beverages to see how your carbon food-print compares to others.
  • The Meat Calculator shows you how much water and carbon dioxide you save if reducing your meat consumption. It also tells you the approximate number of animals that could live from your reduction.
  • Why not livestream a plant-based cooking lesson for fans or create a cookbook of their new favorite recipes?

Academy Members are invited to send videos or photos of your exploration to and we’ll add them to this page.

Member videos from
Owen Osborne
Franiya Tiffany
Maya Jai Pinson
Liz Fuller

Cut Down on Plastic Pollution

It starts with a solid plan - so there’s no time like now to make a solid one!

  • Audit your plastic use at home by counting how many plastic containers, wraps, bottles and bags you purchase for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Make a list of items you’d like to eventually ban from your home: plastic straws, bottles, balloons.
  • Find replacements. For instance, replace balloons (which marine animals can mistake for food) with cut-out paper decorations like bunting, streamers, and confetti. If you are planning to celebrate with glitter (which is, unfortunately, just tiny pieces of plastic), consider purchasing a natural option made of eucalyptus plants.
  • Research products that have more sustainable packaging for your next grocery trip or online order.
  • When you order to-go meals, make a note to ask for no plastic utensils and limited plastic packaging.

Academy Members are invited to send videos or photos of your exploration to and we’ll add them to this page.

Member videos from
Mateo Ray

Virtual Expedition

Use technology to get inspired and find new ways to take action.

  • Find out how other countries handle their trash. (Hint: Thailand and Mexico are really interesting!)
  • Many zoos and aquariums are offering free teach-ins and livestreams, so tune in to learn about different species and their habitats. Here is a fun one from the world famous San Diego Zoo
  • Explore what pollinators are native to your area and on what plants they depend. Learn how to make a thriving habitat for pollinators and design a pollinator garden for your yard or community.

Academy Members are invited to send videos or photos of your exploration to and we’ll add them to this page.

Member photos/poems from
Eva Petersson
Parker James Fullmore

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Hawley Penfold

Create Eco-Art

Creating art is also a great way to get outdoors while practicing social distancing.

  • Follow local guidelines for social distancing as you gather items like leaves and pinecones from your backyard and create an innovative art project.
  • Re-purpose materials from around the house and create something new, like jewelry, bags or plant holders. They can even transform trash into treasure by creating a sculpture out of recyclables. Make a family fashion show of your repurposed fashions!
  • While you’re outdoors, pay attention to nature and wildlife. Write a short story or poem about what a bird sees as it flies or what a squirrel thinks about as it climbs trees.

Academy Members are invited to send videos or photos of your exploration to and we’ll add them to this page.

Member videos from
Carrisa Bazler
Isabelle Dubroy

Take Decisive Action & Make Commitments

  • Write 3 big ways to reduce plastic pollution (like buying toys without heavy plastic packaging, used toys, or toys packed in cardboard.)
  • Take a Dump: put on some plastic gloves/goggles and video document an exploration through one toss of a garbage can. How much of it will decompose in a month or a year? How much will not? Log the contents and decide as a family what purchasing eco-friendly choices can be made in the future. Log your trash using the Marine Debris Tracker app.
  • Pick an upcoming holiday, and commit to it being a plastic-free party! Make a white board or chart for the whole family to see regularly and plan over the next few months. Don’t forget to video document!
  • Make a game of how many items can be done without plastic.
  • When packing food or lunches, use reusable lunch bags, stainless steel containers, and a reusable container for chips.
  • Do a Family Experiment to all try out solid shampoo and conditioner (which is actually kind of fun!) instead of soaps that come in a plastic container.

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