Casting Director

With over 35-years of experience discovering talent for Casting, Mr. Warren scouts and casts for all media platforms, and has casted for feature films, off & on-Broadway, commercials, runway shows, and TV.

Financial Advisor

Producer and financial advisor for some of Hollywood's most established organizations, Christine has been working with the Young Artist Academy for nearly a decade. The mom-of-two has been instrumental in rebranding and establishing the Academy to enter the next generation of making stars.

Media Producer

Former Sr. Executive and Creative Director for iHeart Media/Clear Channel.
Jim’s voice-over acting career includes projects for HBO, Cinemax and TNT Warner Networks. Jim is heard nationwide on commercials and radio stations, and has produced, directed and starred in countless projects.

Music Director

A director and music instructor, Aleta has worked with over 150 productions for LA Opera, and is the only African-American woman to hold this dossier. Her film soundtracks include The Lego Movie 2, Ready Player One, Star Wars: Rogue One, Bumblebee, Venom, The Predator and Frozen. She can be heard on recordings with Walt Disney Records and recordings with Barbara Streisand, Christina Aguilera and Josh Groban.

Record Producer

Multi-platinum record producer with over 30-years of success in the music industry. Joe discovered and developed Grammy-winner Macy Gray (with 26-million records sold), and has worked with Michael Jackson, Fergie,, Quincy Jones, Universal, and many major record labels and film/TV studios. He founded the Hollywood Creative Academy, providing masterclass e-learning programs from some of the most experienced Entertainment professionals.


Director/Producer, Composer and Performing Youth Activist, Chris M. Allport was a professional child actor, and is an award-winning alumnus of the Young Artist Academy™. A Hollywood Division term rep of the Screen Actors Guild’s Board of Directors, Chris was a contributor to the revision of the California Coogan Law and played an integral part in passing CA and NY legislation to protect rights of young performers. Chris has produced and directed acclaimed films specifically related to the arts and humanities.

Technology CEO

After 12 years with Warner Brothers and Sony working with Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Prince, Matt founded Magnify, the world’s largest business summit for augmented and virtual reality. Originally formed by Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, Paramount and Dolby, the Advanced Imaging Society also now boasts Magnify’s production arm, Novo Studios, as a member in advancing creative arts and sciences with cutting edge technology.


Having worked with thirty-six of the Young Artist Academy™‘s 41-years celebrating excellence in young performers, Simon Barron currently serves as the Academy’s Chairman and Executive Producer. From youth chaperone to executive producer, his 50-years in film/TV and live theater have included classics as Neverending Story, Oscar, Will and Grace, Mike & Molly, Back to You, The Image, Fame L.A. and youth-focused specials by ABC, FOX, PBS, BBC and CBS.


An Emmy-Nominated Producer and Hollywood Publicist working with Film/Television, Music, Fashion, Technology, Award Shows and Philanthropic Causes. Andre currently serves as an Emmy Awards Judge for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and for the Media Excellence Awards. He has been serving as Co-Chair and Executive Producer of the Young Artist Academy™ Awards since 2017.

Founder - Kidz Con

Founder & Creator of Kidz Con, the first B2C Kids Convention inspiring creativity and “celebrating everything Kids”. A former fashion designer, Keyana styled a range of celebrity royalty such as the NBA stars, rapper Future and the Kardashian family. Her work has been featured internationally in The Guardian UK, Flaunt Magazine, Le Petite Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar.


Michelle Koshman is a publicist to the Emmy Awards working 20+ years in Film Production & Entertainment Branding.
She’s been successful in expanding the regional Emmy Awards brand, amplifying the Fashion Event scene at Toronto International Film Festival, pioneering new platforms at San Diego Comic-Con, and growing the Youth Oscars into a global brand.


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