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October - Creator Campus: Instagram (Academy Members only)

November - Creator Campus: YouTube Shorts (Academy Members only)

Social media is a separate element of an artist’s business skills.
Commit to giving similar attention and effort (time, energy and attention) as to other building elements of your career (like acting or dance class).
If you don’t put into it - you won’t get anything out of it.

YouTube & Shorts
Long and short form platform for vlog-style video and to show off your personality

Great For

  • Showcasing your reel in acting, music, dance, etc
  • Promoting projects and releases
  • Demonstrating your skills

Tips at a Glance

  • Have a “Playlist” for your reels and promos
  • Consistency is key!
  • Plan, research and develop your content like your own TV Channel
  • Have creative thumbnails. (People judge the ‘book by its cover’)
Social Media platform for super short form effects-driven content

Great For

  • Creative & Comedy content
  • Showing off multiple talents in under 60-seconds: singing, improv, comedy, special effects

Tips at a Glance

  • Think outside the box and a little over the top
  • Keep up with what’s trending on the app. Try out the newest challenges
Instagram & Reels
Serves audience short-form video and photo content made to build engagement

Great For

  • Keeping your brand relevant
  • Literally putting a face to your efforts
  • Reinforcing your commitment to your craft
  • Providing unique “behind-the-scenes” of your career, and developing fans who become supporters of your projects

Tips at a Glance

  • Know your “post time” and when to post
  • Search for “trending sounds” on your reels page and engage with them (recreate songs, use sounds for video content, etc)
  • Go live! Create fun interactive engagement
Photo & Video Sharing Networking Service and App

Great For

  • Building a professional resume
  • Learning and Connecting directly with Industry Professionals
  • Participating in relevant groups

Tips at a Glance

  • Demonstrate your awareness of the Industry by sharing your perspective, and what you have come to know about the business side of the Industry
  • Add the Academy to your LinkedIn experience ( How To )
Text-based social media for sharing thoughts & updates in short form

Great For

  • Promoting your projects and links
  • Reaching a large number of people through original content, comments and retweets
  • Build relationships with experts and other followers

Tips at a Glance

  • Include links to promote your library content
  • Keep politics and religion out! (save for in-person hangouts)
The “Anything & Everything” Platform all in one place

Great For

  • Understanding & Communicating with brands, organizations, and individuals
  • Community Groups
  • Boosting one-on-one communications and relationships

Tips at a Glance

  • Have a Like/Business Page to keep your personal life personal
  • Use for longer-form storytime content (poetry, journaling, micro-blogging, etc)
  • Express creative freedom as your artistry develops

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